The Walking Dead - Mid Season Premier Trailer

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this sunday. Following last years mid-season explosive finale, we've got the official trailer for the mid season premier and a recap of that finale.


So, to recap the fall mid season finale, "Start to Finish" after the church comes down, Alexandria is swarmed with walkers. After escaping Morgan and Carol, Wolf takes Denise and leaves house stepping out into the walker infested Alexandria. Glenn pursuades Enid to go back to Alexandria with him where they spot Maggie tryingto evade a swarm of walkers. After being bitten Deanna sacrifices herself to give the others a chance to escape, and so Rick and the remaining Alexandria residents cover themselves with walker before venturing back outside in the middle of a swarm, before Sam starts to call out for his mother..

Meanwhile Daryl, Abraham and Sasha are highjacked by a group of men on motorcycles, who claim the groups weapons and possessions for Negan!

So,have you seen the trailer for the mid season premier? It'son this Sunday Februarry 14th on AMC. Check it out..