'Hannibal' Season 3 Recaps Episodes 1 - 6

We've collated recapss of Hannibal season 3 so far, including previews and a preview of the debut of the Red Dragon.


First, let's recap last weeks episode, Primavera:

Season 3 Episode 1: Antipasto: 04 Jun 2015

A motorcyclist zips around Paris at night, skillfully veering in and out of traffic. When the bike pulls to a stop, the driver removes his helmet … and we see Hannibal has indeed fled to France. Sporting shaggier hair and his typical swagger, he enters a glitzy soiree and makes his way to the center of the room, keeping his eyes trained on the guest of honor, Dr. Roman Fell. Another partygoer spots Hannibal's intensity and makes his way over to him. Antony Dimmond, a former classmate of Fell's, assumes Hannibal is as disgusted by Fell as he is. Hannibal humors this conversation but never loses sight of Fell. When Fell exits the party sometime later, Hannibal is waiting for him. And when Fell arrives home, Hannibal is there, too. As Mrs. Fell enters the apartment she shares with her husband, a delicious smell wafts toward her. She finds Hannibal waiting for her in the dining room, enjoying a meal made out of her husband.

Hannibal pushes a serving platter out of the kitchen and unveils its contents to... Abel Gideon. We're in a flashback now, and Abel is being served pieces of his own leg. He refuses to eat, however, and sarcastically laments about ruining Hannibal's fairy tale. His choice words bring us back to the present, where Hannibal and Bedelia Du Maurier are dancing across a ballroom. When the song finishes, an angry Italian named Professor Sogliato accosts Hannibal, whom he addresses as Dr. Fell. Sogliato is not convinced Dr. Fell should have been appointed curator of the Palazzo. Bedelia recognizes Sogliato's arrogance is going to get him killed and tries to squire him away, but Hannibal doesn't back down from an affront. He accepts Sogliato's challenge to a contest of wits.

In their apartment, Bedelia asks Hannibal if he plans on killing Sogliato. He reminds her he's barely killed while they've been in Europe, and she reminds him he had to kill someone to get his job (and identity). When Bedelia draws herself a bath, Hannibal leaves her to it. Alone at last, she lets herself sink beneath the water of the tub and imagines falling into a dark abyss. When Bedelia finally comes up for air, it's clear she came very close to not coming up at all.

Bedelia and Hannibal's reunion is explained in another flashback, during which we see Bedelia returning to the home she abandoned after being questioned by Jack. There, she finds Hannibal in her shower. When Hannibal comes out, Bedelia is waiting for him, gun in hand. She asks if Will Graham is still alive, but Hannibal evades the question, saying she gave up the right to ask when she stopped being his psychiatrist. He asks her if she trusts him. Bedelia says not entirely, but she feels safe enough to put the gun down.

In present-day Florence, Bedelia grocery shops while Hannibal revels in his new life, studying art at the Palazzo. His happiness comes to an abrupt halt, however, when he leaves the museum and bumps into Antony Dimmond, who is looking for Dr. Fell. With his cover about to be blown, Hannibal does what Hannibal does best: lie to Antony and invite him over for dinner.

Another flashback with Abel brings us insight into what graces Hannibal's dinner table, namely that Hannibal carefully husbands the animals he plans to eat, feeding them specific food to make them taste better. Snails are fed Abel's arm, while Abel is fed oysters and sweet wine, when he's not eating himself, that is. Back in Florence, Bedelia is enjoying a diet similar to Abel's, but it takes Antony to make her realize what's happening. Noticing that Bedelia is avoiding the meat in favor of oysters, acorns and Marsala, Antony notes that's what ancient Romans fed their animals to improve their flavor. His comment is met with a whimsical look from Hannibal and knowing dread by Bedelia. When Hannibal brazenly invites Antony to see Dr. Fell speak later that week, Bedelia assumes Antony is about to meet his end. But when Hannibal lets him leave, we all wonder: what is Hannibal playing at?

With her death seemingly a certainty, Bedelia buys supplies and goes to a train station. As she considers fleeing, she locks eye with a security camera trained on her. When next we see Bedelia, she's lying on the ground, breathing hard. As she gets up, she realizes she's covered in blood and her patient is lying motionless next to her. The memory of shoving her hand down his throat comes back to her. When Hannibal arrives, Bedelia says she was attacked, but Hannibal's examination of the body shows it was Bedelia who did the attacking. Bedelia stammers about the patient being Hannibal's before he was hers, but she and Hannibal both know that the police will only see that he died in her office. As Bedelia washes the blood off in the bathroom, Hannibal embraces her and says he can help her tell the version of events she wants to be told, if only she will ask for his help. Bedelia does just that.

As Hannibal gives his lecture at the Palazzo, Bedelia sits nervously. She did not leave but she doesn't feel good about it. Hannibal graces her shoulder as he lectures about betrayal, only frightening Bedelia more. When she spies Antony watching from the wings, it's more than she can take. As Hannibal invites Antony to join the lecture, Bedelia exits. After the presentation, Antony approaches Hannibal, in conversation with Sogliato, and plays along with the Dr. Fell act. After Sogliato departs, Hannibal cuts to the chase. Antony wants to know what happened to Dr. Fell but has no intention of outing Hannibal's secret. In fact, he thinks this lie can help them both.

Bedelia, packed bag in hand, believes she can get away before Hannibal's lecture wraps up, but just as she's about to leave their apartment, the door opens and Hannibal and Antony walk in. A second later, Antony finally gets what's been coming to him when Hannibal bludgeons him over the head. Resigned to her fate, Bedelia watches this happen. Hannibal taunts her, asking her whether she anticipated this outcome. When she begrudgingly says yes, he explains that makes her a participant in his crimes, despite what she's been telling herself. A tearful Bedelia finally accepts that Hannibal's right.

In one final flashback with Abel, Hannibal serves Abel the snails that were fattened with the flesh from Abel's arm. Abel again makes a show of not eating anything Hannibal puts before him, but he really unnerves Hannibal when he ponders aloud whether Hannibal would rather be dining with Will Graham. Perhaps Hannibal is thinking the same thing as he leaves Florence on a train, how he'd rather be with Will Graham. During the ride, he folds a piece of paper into an origami human heart. A shot of the Norman Chapel reveals Hannibal has done the same with what's left of Antony; a massive human heart has been constructed out of his remains and displayed in the Norman Chapel. It seems not even a new home and a new identity are enough to keep Hannibal from doing what he does best.

Season 3 Episode 2: Primavera: 11 Jun 2015

 We now know that Hannibal is living large in Europe, but what has become of the people he left behind? Returning to the events of last season's finale to find out, we follow Will as he enters Hannibal's home and discovers Abigail still alive. She tearfully explains that she didn't know what else to do but to do as Hannibal instructed. When Hannibal enters the room, he reveals he spared Abigail as a gift for Will. But Will betrayed him and that means Will must be killed. Hannibal stabs him in the stomach, and Will falls to the ground, blood gushing out of him. Hannibal is hurt that he let Will see the real him and in return, Will tried to take his freedom. But he forgives Will in spite of that and hopes Will can do the same. That ominous statement makes Will realize Hannibal has no further plans to keep Abigail alive. With her throat again sliced, Abigail finds herself bleeding out on the floor next to Will. As they both lay there dying, Will sees the stag, similarly injured. After it dies, a wave of blood flows from it and washes over Will and Abigail. Will envisions falling into a dark abyss and sees Hannibal's teacup shattering. But when the teacup comes back together, it takes the form of Will, now lying in a hospital bed. He's alive and his abdomen is wrapped in a bandage. An attendant sees that Will is awake and says there's someone dying to see him. Enter: Abigail.

Abigail tells Will the doctors described Hannibal's attacks as surgical; he knew exactly how to cut her to ensure she - and Will - lived. Abigail presses Will on why he lied to Hannibal and ruined their chance of a new life together. Will argues there's no point in thinking about what could've happened, but Abigail is not ready to drop the subject. She maintains Hannibal purposely didn't kill them because he wants them to find him. Will asks her if she would go back to him, after everything, and Abigail says yes.

That night, Will is awakened by a pain coming from beneath his bandage. He sees blood pooling under the gauze and antlers trying to force their way through. When he sits up, he's still in his hospital bed, but now he's in Hannibal's office. When he climbs out of bed, he's fully clothed. Papers are falling down all around him, and by the fireplace, he and Hannibal are burning them. Will watches this memory unfold and an important detail comes to the forefront of his mind: the foyer of Hannibal's memory palace is the Norman Chapel in Palermo, Italy. Back in his hospital bed, Will imagines looking up at the ceiling of the Norman Chapel. Just like Abigail, he wants to return to Hannibal.

Eight months later, Will and Abigail set out do just that. They tour the Norman Chapel and trade thoughts on the existence of God. Will comes to a stop in front of an engraving of a skull in the chapel's floor, just as Hannibal had described. There's no sign of him that day, but Hannibal soon makes his presence known. When Will and Abigail return to the chapel, the police have closed off the area where Hannibal placed his heart, a massive recreation shaped out of Antony Dimmond's remains. As Will tries to move closer, a police officer stops him. Another shouts that he wants to talk to Will.

At the Palermo police station, Will makes the acquaintance of Chief Inspector Rinaldo Pazzi. Pazzi is visiting from Florence, and he is very familiar with Will, particularly the charges that were brought against him. He wonders aloud why, shortly after Will arrived in Palermo, so did a body. Their conversation is cut short when Will is called in for questioning, but Pazzi is waiting for Will when he's done. He explains that he and Will share a gift: they both live for the moment they make a connection between a crime scene and its culprit. Pazzi tells Will the story of Il Mostro, the monster of Florence, a killer known for arranging his victims' bodies like paintings. Pazzi met Il Mostro 20 years ago. He shows Will a photo of the man. To no one's surprise, it's Hannibal.

Pazzi nearly caught Hannibal back then. After two of his victims were arranged like the subjects of the Botticelli painting Primavera, Pazzi began regularly visiting the painting. On several occasions, he spotted a young man replicating the painting by sketching it. Pazzi knew Hannibal was Il Mostro but because there was no evidence connecting him to the crime, he went free and another man was convicted in his place. The desire to catch Il Mostro has stayed with Pazzi ever since and with Will's help, he now believes it can be done. To that end, Pazzi provides Will with a file on Hannibal's heart and leaves him inside the Norman Chapel to get to work.

Will circles the heart in his mind and realizes the body was first skinned, then bent and twisted to achieve its shape. He dubs the creation a Valentine written on a broken man. As Will touches the heart, it begins to beat. Then, the heart unfurls itself. The legs and arms grow hooves and a stag's head emerges from the neck. The terrifying creature begins to walk toward Will, who trips and falls on the ground. But before the stag can make contact, Will awakes from his reverie by the sound of Abigail's voice. Will confirms Abigail's belief: Hannibal left his broken heart for them to find because he knew they would come. Will asks Abigail if she still wants to go with Hannibal and again Abigail says yes. Will scoffs at the idea that there's any place the three of them could have actually gone but Abigail says Hannibal made a place for them. Will says that's not true. A place wasn't made for Abigail. As soon as he says it, Abigail's throat slits itself and blood begins pouring out of her. A wider shot of the chapel reveals Will sitting alone on the chapel floor. An even wider shot reveals Hannibal is there, too, watching Will from high above.

Flashbacks from the night of the bloodbath show that after the paramedics arrived, Will was carted off on a stretcher and he witnessed Abigail's lifeless body being zipped into a body bag. While surgeons operated on him, morticians cleaned and prepped Abigail's body for the morgue. Has Abigail been voicing Will's subconscious thoughts all along? Even after everything, is Will searching for Hannibal not to catch him, but to be reunited with him? It's a question that Pazzi might be wondering about, too. When he returns to the chapel, he admits Will is his ticket to catching Hannibal and asks Will where Hannibal has gone. Will looks to the tunnels below the chapel, sees blood pooling at the doors that mark the tunnels' entrance, and says Hannibal hasn't gone anywhere.

With only candlelight to guide the way, Will enters the labyrinth of tunnels beneath the chapel. He hears something and calls out for Hannibal. When there's no response, he follows the sound, going seemingly in circles. Pazzi, gun raised, follows Will into the tunnels but loses him quickly. He calls to Will, but Will continues on his path uninterrupted. We see that someone is watching Pazzi intently and that he is about to be surprised. But just when it seems that Hannibal has found another victim, Will comes forward out of the shadows. He says Pazzi shouldn't be exploring the tunnels alone, but Pazzi counters that he's not, he's with Will. Only Will doesn't know which side he's on. Will again tells Pazzi to leave before Hannibal gets to him, and this time, Pazzi listens. As he exits, we see Hannibal was only inches away, hidden behind a pillar. Will continues searching for Hannibal, who follows him from a safe distance. Feeling his presence, Will stops and tells Hannibal he forgives him. This stops Hannibal in his tracks, but after a moment, he leaves without revealing himself. Will simply listens to him walk away.

Season 3 Episode 3: Secondo: 18 Jun 2015
When Hannibal returns from Palermo, he confides in Bedelia that it felt nice to see Will and adds that Will knew exactly where to look for him. Not missing a beat, Bedelia reminds Hannibal he knew where Will would look. Hannibal also reveals that Will told him he forgives him, but Bedelia cautions that forgiveness is a two-way street. She also warns Hannibal that his actions are going to get him caught. When Bedelia wonders where Will will look for Hannibal next, he answers confidently: home.

Just like that, we are transported to Castle Lecter. After leaving Palermo, Will has traveled to Lithuania, home of the Lecter family's ancestral home. When he finds the gate to the estate locked, Will scales it and makes his way towards the castle. He stops at the guesthouse on the way, looking in its windows and trying the front door to no avail. Will next explores the Lecter family cemetery, where he finds a headstone for Mischa Lecter, Hannibal's sister.

To aid his search, Will remembers a conversation he had with Hannibal in his office about Hannibal's memory palace. His childhood memories have been hidden deep in the palace, in places that Hannibal dare not go. Gunshots return Will to reality and force him to take cover behind a fallen tree. He sees a Japanese woman aiming a shotgun at him, but a second later, she pivots and shoots and kills a pheasant. Afterward, she retrains the gun on Will's location, but when she doesn't see anything, she picks up the pheasant and moves on. At the guesthouse, we see her pluck the feathers from the bird while surrounded by more dead pheasants. Will takes this all in through his binoculars.

In Florence, Hannibal is preparing another feast, this one made from a human arm. Bedelia serves the finished dish at the dinner table, where Professor Sogliato is seated and chatting with Hannibal as he chips ice out of a block with a pick. When Hannibal presents Sogliato with punch romaine, the cocktail served to first class guests of the Titanic during their last dinner, we and Bedelia both know things are not going to end well. Sogliato, however, continues to antagonize Hannibal until finally, Hannibal snaps and stabs him in the temple with the icepick. As his brain functions begin to go, Bedelia ends Sogliato's misery by pulling out the pick, causing blood to spurt everywhere. Hannibal, thoroughly enjoying himself, simply looks at Bedelia and says, "Technically, you killed him." It's clear to Bedelia that Hannibal is no longer interested in keeping the peace. Rather, he's trying to draw his old friends back to him. Little does she know, Jack Crawford has just entered the Norman Chapel in Palermo, Italy.

While looking at crime scene photos of Hannibal's heart - the disfigured remains of Antony Dimmond - Jack is approached by Inspector Pazzi. The Florentine police chief opens up to Jack about his decades-long hunt for Il Mostro and what it's cost him, something Jack intimately understands. Jack advises Pazzi that Hannibal will return to Florence, if he hasn't already. Pazzi attempts to enlist Jack's help in catching Il Mostro, but Jack must decline. He didn't come to Italy searching for Hannibal; he's looking for Will.

Still hiding in the woods surrounding Castle Lecter, Will fends off the cold of night with a fire. He hears something behind him and fears it might be the stag, but instead, Will discovers a swarm of fireflies. He follows them to a secret garden, where they're gathering around a pedestal with an angel statue on top. On the stone circle that encircles the pedestal, Will finds a child's red handprint. When he returns to the woods by the guesthouse, the woman who shot at him is headed for the castle. Will follows her as she goes inside and descends a dark stairwell into a wine cellar. Snails crawl along the walls and pheasant bones litter the ground. Will hears a man's voice speaking in a language he can't understand. The voice is coming from a prisoner in a cage, malnourished and covered in unkempt hair. As Will takes him in, he hears a gun click behind him. The woman's shotgun is once again trained on Will.

Will's explanation that he's a friend of Hannibal's does not make her lower her gun. He asks about the prisoner, and the woman explains that he's done this to himself. With her gun still raised, she leads Will out of the cellar. He asks why the man is imprisoned, and she calmly responds, "Because he ate her." Will quickly realizes the "her" refers to Mischa and that Hannibal is responsible for this woman standing guard. The woman, Chiyoh, questions Will about his relationship with Hannibal. Will says they knew each other intimately and to prove his point, shows Chiyoh the "smile" Hannibal left him with: a scar across his stomach. His admission gets Chiyoh to drop the gun.

Hannibal's next dinner party sees him prepare lungs at the table in front of his two guests, who question why Professor Sogliato isn't in attendance. If only they knew: there'd be no dinner party without him. When the pair gushes over Hannibal's cooking, he can't resist nearly giving himself away. Hannibal explains that in order to make the dish, the lamb must be freshly slaughtered and its organs cooked the same day. He proudly adds that he personally oversees this process. Bedelia, meanwhile, quietly eats her oysters.

At Castle Lecter, Will discovers Chiyoh condones Hannibal's cannibalism, saying he does what was done to Mischa. Will asks why Chiyoh is so sure her prisoner is responsible for Mischa's death. She confirms Will's suspicion by saying Hannibal told her so. When it's her turn to ask the questions, Chiyoh inquires why Will is searching for Hannibal after what he's done to him. Will admits, somewhat begrudgingly, that he's never known himself as well as he does when he's in Hannibal's company. Chiyoh then admits that Hannibal left her in charge of the prisoner after she convinced him not to kill the man. Will, deducing Hannibal's game, makes Chiyoh realize Hannibal only did that to see if Chiyoh would kill the prisoner herself.

When Bedelia takes a bath, Hannibal sits outside the tub and washes her hair. It's a moment of rare intimacy and also terrible vulnerability. With Hannibal's hands intertwined with her hair, Bedelia asks him about his first spring lamb and why he can't return to his childhood home. Hannibal reveals it's not that something happened to him at Castle Lecter, but rather, that he happened. Understanding the weight of that statement, Bedelia boldly follows up with, "How did your sister taste?" before submerging herself in the tub.

In the cover of darkness, Will frees Chiyoh's prisoner, bringing him out into the woods and ordering him to leave. But the next day, when Chiyoh arrives to feed her captive, the man is back in the cage. As Chiyoh sets his meal down, he barges through the door and knocks her to the ground. Pinning her down, the prisoner strangles Chiyoh, who mouths, "I'm sorry," as she gasps for air. But before she passes out entirely, Chiyoh manages to grab hold of a pheasant bone and jam it into the prisoner's neck. After the man bleeds out, Chiyoh screams, alerting Will that his work is done. When he enters the cellar, he finds a stunned Chiyoh sitting against a wall. Will explains that he freed the prisoner to free Chiyoh but, she is not fooled. Chiyoh knows Will set the man free because just like Hannibal, he was curious if she would kill him. With no more reason to stay at Castle Lecter, Chiyoh agrees to help Will find Hannibal. After she leaves, Will creates his own Valentine for Hannibal out of the prisoner's body. Using branches for wings and shards of glass from broken wine bottles for the feathers, Will transforms the prisoner's corpse into a firefly, which he suspends from the ceiling with rope. When he's finished, he and Chiyoh leave together.

With her newfound knowledge of Hannibal's sister, Bedelia draws a parallel between Hannibal's affection for Mischa and his affection for Will. Hannibal even admits it's akin to love. Bedelia tries to comfort Hannibal by saying all of us are capable of betrayal, but Hannibal interrupts her and says Mischa didn't betray him. Rather, she influenced him to betray himself. Bedelia notes that if past behavior is an indicator of future behavior, there is only one way Hannibal will truly forgive Will. "I have to eat him," he confirms.

Season 3 Episode 4: Aperitivo: 25 Jun 2015
Tonight's episode answered many questions, including what has become of Hannibal's other victims. After surviving being shot by Miriam Lass, Dr. Chilton has become hell bent on getting revenge against Hannibal. So much so that Chilton takes a meeting with Mason Verger, who's searching for a new psychiatrist. Mason inquires about Chilton's injuries and then says, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Chilton reveals that he wears fake teeth, a contact to correct his lazy eye and has a hole in his cheek. Mason shows off his reconstructed face, cobbled together from skin grafts. Chilton questions Mason about his $1 million offer to anyone who has information about Hannibal's whereabouts. Their conversation makes Chilton realize what Mason truly wants is not a psychiatrist but a profiler, someone who can help him capture Hannibal for his own means. Chilton, hoping to land Hannibal for himself, realizes he'll need a different partner.

Flashing back to Will's recovery in the hospital, we learn that Abigail wasn't entirely a figment of his imagination. Rather, it was Dr. Chilton who visited Will in the hospital. Desperate to find Hannibal, Chilton tried to enlist Will's help. But Will was not swayed and wanted no part in helping Chilton hold Hannibal captive at his hospital. Even more so, Will's loyalty remains up in the air after he imagines how that fateful night could've gone if he had helped Hannibal murder Jack.

In the present, before the events of the Episode 2, Jack stops by Will's house, where Will is repairing his boat engine. He says he's there to make sure Will sticks to the narrative they created, but what he's really after is an answer to the question we all want an answer to: Why did Will call Hannibal? Will explains that he wasn't sure what he was going to say until he heard Hannibal's voice. He wanted Hannibal to run because Hannibal is his friend. But he also wanted to run away with him.

Alana also survives the fall from Hannibal's window, but her recovery is far from easy. There are rods in her pelvis and, as she tells Chilton, quite a bit of marrow seeped into her blood, so she will be thinking differently from now on. After Will turned him down, Chilton turns to Alana for help convincing Will to lead them to Hannibal. Alana of seasons past wouldn't have considered manipulating Will for her own gain, but post-Hannibal Alana is a different woman. She returns to Hannibal's home, wheelchair-bound, where, as luck would have it, she finds Will. Alana is there because she was looking for him while Will says he wanted to visit old friends. Hearing Will reminisce about Hannibal, Alana asks if he can still see the best in Hannibal, even after everything. Will simply tells her to leave, then returns to his reverie with an imagined Abigail by his side.

With Chilton no longer a candidate, Alana interviews for the role of Mason's psychiatrist. Margot brings Alana to Mason, warning her about Mason's appearance. But when Alana, now walking with the aid of a cane, first lays eyes on Mason, she doesn't flinch. Mason tries to unnerve Alana, referring to her as the one person Hannibal entered more deeply than the others, but Alana's resolve can't be broken. She asks Mason whether he's really been forthcoming with the F.B.I. about what he knows about Hannibal. Mason claims his search is not about vengeance; he's forgiven Hannibal. Alana counters that forgiveness is not all it's cracked up to be. Seeking revenge, on the other hand, is something she can understand.

Another flashback shows Jack, having survived Hannibal's stabbing, waking up in a hospital bed, his hand intertwined with Bella's, herself in the hospital bed next to him. She tells Jack that he's not going to follow her to the grave and sagely reminds him that he can do something she can't; he can cut out the thing that's killing him. Her words hit Jack hard, and when Chilton goes to meet with him, Jack has left the behavioral sciences behind and transferred to homeland security. Chilton implores Jack that Will can lead them to Hannibal but Jack stands firm; he's let it all go. At home, Jack is never far from Bella's side. When she takes her last breath, he is lying right beside her.

Alana helps Jack make the necessary preparations for Bella's funeral, including choosing a white gown for her to be buried in. As he gets dressed to attend her service, Jack can't help but remember Bella wearing a different white gown: her wedding dress. When it's just him and Bella's casket in the church, Jack plants one final kiss on his wife's forehead. As he takes the moment in, he spies familiar handwriting on a card attached to a bouquet: Hannibal sends his condolences. Jack takes a seat in a pew to collect his thoughts, and soon after, Will walks in and takes a seat behind him. Jack tells Will that even though he knew Bella was dying, it didn't hurt any less when she passed. He then warns Will that he knows what's coming for him, too, and that Will doesn't have to die on him. Before he leaves, Jack gives Will Hannibal's card.

Mason's caretaker, Cordell, tends to his client with massages and masks to help blood circulate in Mason's face. While doing so, he and Mason chat about Mason's plans to eat Hannibal alive. A flashback to Mason's surgery shows just how badly Mason carved up his own face, including leaving his teeth and gums entirely visible. When Alana arrives, she advises Mason that Europe aligns with Hannibal's tastes - and that's how they'll catch him. Hannibal's name may have changed, but his tastes haven't.

When Jack pays Will a visit, he finds Alana opening his front door. She confirms what Jack presumably suspected: Will is gone. Alana says Will knows what he has to do, but she questions if Jack does. Miles always, Will sets sail for Hannibal.

Season 3 Episode 5: Contorno: 02 Jul 2015
On the train to Florence, Chiyoh opens up to Will about her childhood with Hannibal. She worked as Hannibal's aunt's attendant; her parents sent her to the Lecter estate to learn how to tend, but it was Hannibal who became her formative teacher. Will regards Chiyoh as a kindred spirit, another who was manipulated by Hannibal, but Chiyoh makes it clear she hasn't lost control of herself. In Florence, Hannibal prepares a plate of escargot for Bedelia and shares his own stories about growing up. The pair's intimacy is evident in Hannibal's shiftlessness and Bedelia sporting a nightgown. Hannibal even feeds Bedelia and caresses her neck. But their verbal sparring doesn't diminish. While enjoying her wine, Bedelia muses that Will is en route to kill Hannibal while Hannibal lays in wait to kill him.

In another part of the city, Jack stands on a bridge with Bella's ashes in hand. He gives the urn a final kiss before pouring the ashes into the water of the city where he and Bella met. Jack then removes his wedding ring and hurls it into the water, too. Later, Jack meets Inspector Pazzi's wife at the couple's home and joins them for dinner, where Pazzi admits he is investigating Hannibal on the sly. Jack, remembering his own attempt to capture Hannibal on his own, warns Pazzi against going farther down this road, but the disgraced detective cannot be swayed.

Back in Baltimore, Alana presides over a beautiful table setting as Mason watches, explaining in detail Hannibal's preferences in everything from china to tablecloths. Her intimate knowledge of Hannibal's taste led her to a series of purchases made at a Florentine fine grocer called Vera Dal 1926. Every week for the past three months, a blonde woman has bought two bottles of wine and a white truffle from the shop. "She's shopping for Hannibal," Alana declares, much to Mason's delight.

As they lie in a bunk bed, Will and Chiyoh continue to compare notes about Hannibal. Will searches for more similarities in their experiences, but Chiyoh stands firm that she's not as malleable as Will; Hannibal didn't change her. Her words cut Will further when she asks if he's afraid that he will become Hannibal if he doesn't kill him, and Will must painfully answer yes. In response, Chiyoh reminds him there are other means of influence than violence.

Pazzi confronts Hannibal solo at the Palazzo Capponi but plays along by addressing him as Dr. Fell. He inquires about the disappearance of Professor Sogliato but tips his hand when he asks Hannibal about his predecessor. Hannibal, who recognizes Pazzi as well as Pazzi recognizes him, flips their exchange's power dynamic when he notes that Pazzi is descended from a more famous Pazzi, one who was gruesomely murdered following a botched assassination attempt. The threat is not lost on Pazzi, but he is also not deterred. He goes to a payphone and calls a number. An associate of Mason Verger's picks up, and Pazzi inquires about the bounty on Hannibal. Pazzi's decision to sell Hannibal instead of capturing him doesn't surprise Hannibal, who explains to Bedelia that a bounty makes cops work outside the law. Because of that, Pazzi's colleagues do not know about him and that is why he is still free.

Unable to sleep, Will climbs out of his bunk bed and notices Chiyoh is gone. He finds her standing outside on the last train car, basking in the night. Will asks Chiyoh why she's searching for Hannibal. Chiyoh reveals she's not; she's always known exactly where he is. She again reminds Will that there are other means of influence than violence and kisses him. But because violence is the only one that Will understands, she throws him from the train. Will lands on the track, face down. He is stirred awake sometime after when the imagined stag nudges him. Bruised and bloody, Will gets up and follows the stag as it walks down the track - towards Hannibal.

After speaking with Mason's associate on the phone, Pazzi meets with a lawyer in Geneva and video chats with Mason himself while Alana listens in offscreen. Mason says he'll pay $3 million for Hannibal alive, including a $100,000 advance if Pazzi can provide a positive proof of I.D. in the form of a fingerprint. With no other choice, Pazzi reluctantly agrees. Alana steps into view then and asks if Pazzi has any reservations about turning Hannibal over to be tortured and killed. Unsurprisingly, he does not. But Alana has some about handing Pazzi over to Hannibal to be killed. Mason doesn't echo her concerns.

To obtain the fingerprint, Pazzi returns to the Palazzo, this time with a family heirloom to pique Hannibal's interest. He brings him the skull's bridle that was used on his ancestor. Hannibal, who is eating a piece of fruit when Pazzi arrives, places his small knife down so that he can inspect the device - but not before putting on gloves. Unrelenting, Pazzi sets his sights on pocketing Hannibal's knife instead. When Hannibal walks away, Pazzi attempts to grab it but Hannibal returns too quickly. And when he does, he lays out his intentions with a carving of Pazzi's ancestor, who was hung with his bowels pouring out of him. Hannibal notes that money led Pazzi astray, but present-day Pazzi is blind to Hannibal's innuendo. When Hannibal steps away a second time, Pazzi again goes for the knife. This time, Hannibal returns with a chloroform-soaked cloth.

When Pazzi comes to, his mouth is duct-taped shut, he's strapped to a dolly and Hannibal is wheeling him toward a balcony. As he makes a noose out of a chord, Hannibal asks Pazzi if it was Mason Verger that Pazzi sold him to and whether anyone at the questura knows about him. When Pazzi's phone rings, Hannibal answers and is surprised to find Alana on the other end. Just as she expected, Hannibal is going to kill Pazzi. He does so in the same manner as Pazzi's ancestor: by hanging and with his bowels on the outside. But as Hannibal looks down at Pazzi from the balcony, he sees Jack looking back.

By the time Hannibal returns to the Palazzo floor, Jack is well hidden. Hannibal tries to lure him out by talking about Bella, but Jack is no longer susceptible to Hannibal's tricks. A record starts playing unexpectedly, and Hannibal is distracted just long enough for Jack to surprise him from behind and throw him through a glass case. Jack alternates between beating Hannibal with his fists and feet, throwing him through more glass cases and even stabbing him through the leg with a metal hook. Hannibal crawls back to the balcony, defeated, and waits for Jack to finish him off. Instead, Jack hurls him over the balcony. On his way down, Hannibal grabs hold of Pazzi's corpse and lowers himself closer to the ground. After he hits the courtyard floor, Hannibal stands up and takes one last look at Jack. As he walks away, Jack watches him go.

Season 3 Episode 6: Dolce: 09 Jul 2015
Following his near-defeat at Jack's hands, Hannibal makes his way home in the early morning hours, where Bedelia sponges him clean and stitches his wounds. Their intimacy is almost that of lovers now. As Bedelia clips the final stitch, we cut to a shot of Pazzi's body being cut down from the Palazzo balcony. Jack oversees this process, but he's interrupted when a familiar voice calls to him from the crowd. Reunited, Will and Jack discuss their next steps. Jack explains that telling the questura they're after Hannibal Lecter will only tempt more policemen to try to sell him to Mason. Will wonders why Jack didn't just kill Hannibal when he had the chance. Jack considers this and responds, "Maybe I need you to."

With their time in Florence coming to an end, Bedelia presents Hannibal with a packed bag and tells him it's time for him to leave. She asks what he'll tell the authorities about her involvement when he's caught. Just as he promised before, Hannibal says he will help her tell the story she wants to be told. After sharing a lingering kiss, he and Bedelia part.

In Baltimore, Mason's dreams of dining on Hannibal are interrupted by news from Florence. An Italian newscast on Pazzi's death catches him, Cordell, Alana and Margot up to speed. Mason is not overly concerned, but Alana warns that he needs someone close to the investigation to win the hunt for Hannibal. Margot suggests buying another cop; Alana advises the entire department.

Retrieving a needle kit from a vent in her apartment, Bedelia sits down in front of a mirror and readies to inject herself. But Chiyoh's unexpected arrival pauses her plans. Hannibal's two women trade stories about their relationship to Hannibal, and Chiyoh rightly recognizes that they're both his birds; he puts them in cages to see what they'll do. Bedelia asks if Chiyoh witnessed Hannibal become Hannibal. She did, and she also watched him grow. After Chiyoh leaves, Bedelia returns to the task at hand and injects a red liquid into her arm. Shortly after it takes effect, there's a knock at the door. Will and Jack have come to pay Mrs. Fell a visit.

Bedelia gives nothing away while continuing to assert she's Lydia Fell. Jack and Will realize she has injected herself with the same cocktail Hannibal used on Miriam Lass; that's her alibi. Even more impressive to Will, Bedelia has managed to stay alive. When Will and Jack continue to press her about Hannibal's crimes, she wonders why the police haven't come to see her. Jack explains that the police are all being bought. He also notices then that Will is no longer in the room. Bedelia wonders who will find Hannibal first, Mason's henchmen or Will?

Confirming Jack's theory, Margot tells Mason she's made some new friends in Italy. Mason admits his sister has done so much for him, perhaps it's time he do something for her. Margot reminds him that he took her ability to have children away, but Mason counters that, with his sperm and a surrogate, there's still a chance to raise a true Verger heir.

Will finds Hannibal in the place where it all began: seated in front of Botticelli's Primavera. Only this time, it's Will and Bedelia's faces Hannibal is drawing. The pair's long-awaited reunion forces them both to admit that the lines between them have blurred. Hannibal even believes that's how Will found him. Will wonders if either of them can survive separation. They leave together to find out, but Will is not the only one that has discovered Hannibal's location. Chiyoh's shotgun is trained on her childhood friend from a nearby rooftop as he walks through the courtyard. Its gaze, however, soon shifts to Will. When Will slides a knife into his hand, Chiyoh quickly pulls the trigger and shoots him.

Alana has taken not just Mason as a business partner but Margot as a romantic partner. The two share a passionate lovemaking session before getting back to formulating an escape plan from Mason. Alana thinks they should call in the FBI once Mason captures Hannibal. Margot's on board but reminds Alana there's one thing she needs from her brother before he goes to jail: his sperm.

When the questura finally arrive to question Bedelia, she continues to impress that she is Lydia Fell. A policeman explains that they believe her husband is responsible for the two missing people from the Capponi and that he killed Pazzi after Pazzi figured that out. Jack, still at Bedelia's side, adds that if the questura check the FBI's most wanted list, they'll see Dr. Fell is actually Hannibal Lecter. When the policeman asks Jack why he didn't go to the police with that information earlier, Jack implies that the police can be bought. Not taking kindly to his insinuation, the policeman orders Jack to leave. Bedelia, on the other hand, he tells to stay put.

Hannibal brings a badly injured Will to Professor Sogliato's apartment. He cuts away Will's bloodied shirt and prepares to remove the bullet. But first, Hannibal places the knife that Will was going to use on him in Will's hand and confronts him. Too weak to protest, Will just sits there as Hannibal rails against him then injects him with something. Will's hand goes limp, dropping the knife into Hannibal's hand, and he passes out. When he comes to, he is seated at the head of Sogliato's dinner table and strapped into his chair. Hannibal takes a seat next to him and feeds him soup. Will objects that it's not very good. Hannibal explains that it's a parsley and thyme infusion - and it's more for Hannibal's sake than Will's.

Around the same time, Jack arrives at Sogliato's apartment building. He gets in the elevator and is joined by Chiyoh. It is not lost on her that Jack is heading to the same floor. Neither is it lost on either of them that their elevator companion is armed. When they reach the seventh floor, Chiyoh exits first. After a few steps, she says she went to the wrong floor and takes the stairs down a flight. Jack enters Sogliato's apartment with his gun drawn. He hears music playing and the sound of butter melting and fears the worst. When he sees Will, he slowly makes his way to him. But Jack's relief is short-lived: Will reveals Hannibal is under the table. Before Jack can react, Hannibal slashes his ankle and sends him falling to the ground.

Now alone with Bedelia, the policeman tries to break her by showing her pictures of the actual Fells. When Bedelia still doesn't budge, the policeman makes it clear that he doesn't care who she is or what she did; he just wants to know where her husband is. Realizing the man is not asking as a policeman but as an employee of Mason's, Bedelia relents. She explains that Hannibal was hoping to meet a friend before he left the city and that they will be somewhere no one is supposed to be.

Hannibal's dinner table is now complete with Will at one end and Jack at the other. As he brings something to the table, Hannibal muses that it was Jack's idea to get into Will's head, and now, he and Jack will do it literally. With Jack incapable of stopping him, Hannibal turns on the miniature bone saw he retrieved and begins cutting across Will's forehead. As blood pours down Will's face, his mind loses focus. But he does not die. Eventually, Will returns to reality. Only instead of being seated at Sogliato's dinner table, he and Hannibal are now hanging upside down on meat hooks in a truck. And Mason Verger is welcoming them to Muskrat Farm.

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