'Hannibal' Season 3 Episodes 7 - 13 Recaps

'Hannibal' Season 3 Episodes 7 - 13 Recaps


Le't's recaps the final 7 episodes of Hannibal.

Season 3 Episode 7: Digestivo: 18 Jun 2015

With Hannibal seconds away from sawing open Will's head, Italian policemen storm Sogliato's apartment, led by Inspector Benetti. Hannibal is knocked out from behind and a bag is placed over his head. The same is done to Will, who Benetti says will fetch an equally pretty penny from Mason. Jack, on the other hand, doesn't have a price on his head, so Benetti orders his men to kill Jack in the same way Hannibal would've killed Will. Jack is to serve as the evidence that Hannibal claimed a new victim before getting away.

After Benetti leaves, one man holds Jack still while another approaches with the bone saw. But before he can get too close, he's shot with a phantom bullet. His partner suffers the same fate a moment later. Chiyoh enters and reveals herself as the shooter. She needs Jack to tell her where Hannibal has been taken. Jack obliges after Chiyoh removes the needle from his neck, but she leaves him restrained as she exits.

At Muskrat Farm, Margot and Alana are awoken by a call from Italy: Mason has Hannibal and Will. Alana knows Mason will torture them before killing them - which gives her and Margot time to step in. When Hannibal and Will arrive, hanging upside down in a meat truck, Mason immediately begins tormenting them. He plunges a knife into Hannibal to check his fat, as he would a pig, but Hannibal doesn't give him the satisfaction of reacting.

When Alana speaks with Mason, he informs her Jack is dead. Alana can't hide her shock but a second later, Margot enters and counters that Jack is alive. She's concerned about Jack having witnessed Hannibal and Will's capture, but Mason already has a backup plan in play. When Jack arrived in Italy, Mason alerted the authorities that Jack had been harassing him. Now, the agent won't be able to pursue him through the law. Mason also confirms that Hannibal is still alive, which prompts Alana to warn, "Play with your food, Mason, and you give it the ability to fight back."

That evening, Mason has Hannibal cleaned and dressed in a fine suit for dinner. He's rolled out to the table on a dolly, where a tray of oysters awaits. On Hannibal's left sits Will. Mason reveals his larger plans then; he's going to transplant Will's face onto his own and eat Hannibal wearing Will's face. Cordell will be performing the face transplant. He'll also be cooking Hannibal. Will makes his feelings known about the situation when Cordell attempts to moisturize his face. As Cordell bends down, Will leaps forward and bites a piece of flesh out of his cheek. Mason responds by informing Will he'll soon be fed to the pigs.

Hannibal, chained and naked in the pigpen, endures further torture when Cordell brands him. Once again, though, he doesn't make a sound. Cordell attempts to coax a reaction out of him by explaining how he will keep Hannibal alive as Mason feasts on different parts of him. Hannibal simply weighs in on how he'll be cooked. Margot, meanwhile, gets some shocking news when Mason admits that he didn't destroy her eggs when he sterilized her. Instead, he found a surrogate, who's been living on the farm, and implanted the impregnated eggs into her. Margot asks to see her but Mason cautions she must mentally prepare herself first.

While Will awaits his fate, Alana pays him a visit. She explains she only wanted Mason to catch Hannibal so Will couldn't rejoin him, but Will is not swayed. He asks Alana what she thought would happen with Mason involved? At the same time, Margot visits Hannibal in his pigpen. He is on all fours and each limb is tied up. Hannibal questions why Margot is working with Mason given that Mason will never give her what she truly wants. He again tells her that the only way to be free of him is to kill him. Margot asks if Hannibal will do that for her. He says it would be more therapeutic for Margot to do it but that he's happy to take the credit. Alana joins them then and confesses she was trying to keep Will safe from Hannibal, but now, he's the only one who can save Will. Hannibal promises to do just that if they set him free. Alana cuts the ropes on one arm and leaves a pocketknife. Hannibal takes care of the rest.

Cordell wheels Mason into an operating room, where Will is already strapped to a gurney. He puts Mason under and gives Will something to immobilize him. Will won't be able to move, but he'll be able to feel everything. Simultaneously, a bloodied Hannibal, wielding a hammer, makes his way to Will. Margot and Alana, in another area of the mansion, locate the surrogate Mason spoke of: a pig. Alana inspects the animal and realizes there's no fetal heartbeat. Margot tells her to cut the baby out. As Alana works to remove Margot's child, a face is removed from one head and placed onto another. A heartbroken Margot cradles her stillborn baby at the same time Mason comes to and feels something is wrong. He screams for Cordell and grabs a mirror. When he looks in it, Cordell's face looks back at him.

Hannibal carries Will out of Muskrat Farm as Mason's guards try to catch him. But Chiyoh, watching from the trees, shoots them dead each time. As Hannibal makes his escape, Margot and Alana corner Mason. Alana breaks the news that Cordell is dead, and Hannibal's gotten away. Margot confronts Mason about the surrogate. He remains confident that Margot won't kill him; with no heir, the Verger fortune passes to the Southern Baptist Church. But unbeknownst to Mason, there is going to be an heir. Because Hannibal helped Margot and Alana stimulate Mason's prostate with a cattle prod and now they've got everything they need from him. After hearing this, Mason tries to shoot Alana, but Margot dives on him. The bullet breaks the glass of the eel tank, and Mason and Margot both fall in. Alana pulls Margot out and together, they hold Mason underwater. The eel pecks at his face and then enters his throat. Just like that, Mason Verger dies.

Hannibal takes Will home and while he rests, exchanges words with Chiyoh. She agrees to continue watching over Hannibal so long as he never tries to cage her again. When Will wakes up, Hannibal takes a seat by his bed. He tries to engage Will in their typical back-and-forth but this time, Will puts an end it. "I miss my dogs; I'm not gonna miss you," he says. "I'm not gonna find you. I'm not going to look for you. I don't want to know where you are or what you do. I don't want to think about you anymore." Hannibal tries to change Will's mind, reminding him of their similar attraction to "wickedness," but Will stands firm. He ends their conversation with a simple "Goodbye, Hannibal."

Sometime later, Jack and the FBI arrive at Will's home. Will comes out to meet them and informs Jack that Hannibal's gone. Except that he's not. Hannibal steps out from the shadows, arms raised, and surrenders. He intimates to Jack that he's giving himself up because he wants to be somewhere Will can always find him. In reply, Will turns his back on Hannibal and reenters his house. Hannibal is handcuffed and placed in Jack's car. Chiyoh, having successfully caged the beast, leaves.

Season 3 Episode 8: The Great Red Dragon: 25 Jun 2015

It takes one look at the William Blake painting "The Great Red Dragon and the Woman Clothed with the Sun" for Francis Dolarhyde to become the Red Dragon. He gets the creature tattooed on his backside and purchases a set of fake teeth perfect for biting. In his home, he frames a replica of the painting and worships it. But at the same time the Red Dragon is born, Hannibal is caged. He is moved into a room at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, complete with drawing and dining tables and a wall of glass that separates him from visitors.

Three years after his surrender, Hannibal still resides there, having pled insanity and avoided the needle, according to Alana. When she, now the director of the hospital, visits with Hannibal, he reiterates his promise to kill her. Sometime after, Hannibal gets another visitor, Dr. Chilton. They sit on the same side of the glass, at Hannibal's dining table, and enjoy the Italian dessert sanguinaccio dolce while Chilton attempts to gauge Hannibal's feelings about the new serial killer in town. The Red Dragon, whom the press has taken to calling the Tooth Fairy, murders entire families in their homes. Hannibal tells Chilton he doubts the Tooth Fairy enjoys being called that.

When Alana walks into her office, Chilton is sitting at her desk. She reveals that Hannibal wrote a piece for the American Journal of Psychiatry that contradicts everything Chilton described in his book about him. Chilton is not overly concerned with being discredited, though Alana believes he could be. What's more pressing to him is that the Red Dragon could inspire Hannibal to get up to his old tricks.

While watching a film on a projector, Francis' head begins pounding, and the Red Dragon takes over. He cuts articles written about him from a newspaper and hastily glues them into a scrapbook. At the same time, Hannibal, much more precisely, does the same. Hannibal's fascination with the Red Dragon turns out to be reciprocated. Francis' scrapbook contains clippings of articles about Hannibal and Will, too. But just as Hannibal predicted, the Tooth Fairy moniker makes Francis upset. He crosses it out with a black marker.

With two families now having been slaughtered, Jack has no choice but to pay Will a visit. He asks Will how much he knows about the Tooth Fairy and if he's ever considered giving him a call. Will emphatically says no. He doesn't think that way anymore. Jack pulls out photos of the crime scenes to try to sway Will and shares that he believes the killer is in phase with the moon, which means they have little more than three weeks before he strikes again. Before Will can respond, Molly, his wife, and Walter, her son, arrive and cut the conversation short.

While picking out firewood, Molly confides in Will that Jack stopped by to see her at the shop first and that she purposely gave him wrong directions to the cabin. She asks Will if he's going to help him. Will answers that helping Jack is bad for him. Over dinner, Jack marvels at the life Will has made for himself with his family and growing brood of strays. When Walter takes the dogs outside for a walk, Will goes with him. Molly turns to Jack; she knows Jack will take Will with him no matter what. That night, Will awakes in the middle of the night and pulls out an envelope from a dresser drawer. He opens it by the fire and reads a letter from Hannibal. Along with the letter is the clipping about the Tooth Fairy Hannibal set aside. Hannibal warns Will that Jack will come knocking on his door soon and that he shouldn't go with him. Without a second thought, Will tosses the letter into the fire.

Will visits the home of the second murdered family, the Leeds. He explores the first floor, discovering a half-eaten piece of cheese in the fridge. Following a blood trail upstairs, Will enters the kids' room, where blood splatter on the wall and the floor helps him envision how the two boys were killed. In the hallway, a mirror is smashed and a large pool of blood indicates where Mr. Leeds was killed. Entering the master bedroom, Will sees one wall and the bed are covered in blood as well. He flips through the case file and forces himself to once again enter a killer's mind. It comes back to him like riding a bike.

Retracing the killer's steps, Will learns that the Red Dragon slit Mr. Leeds' throat then shot Mrs. Leeds. The bullet didn't kill her, so he later strangled her. When the killer saw Mr. Leeds trying to make his way to the door, he realized he was trying to protect the children. After throwing Mr. Leeds to the ground, the Red Dragon shot one boy while he slept in bed and pulled out the other, who was trying to hide, from under the bed and shot him on the floor. Returning to the hallway, he discovered Mr. Leeds crawling along the floor. The Red Dragon next smashed mirrors in the home and placed the shards on the bodies' eyes and mouths. He propped up the family in the master bedroom like a tableau before returning the bodies to the places where they were killed. Talcum powder on Mrs. Leeds' body shows Will that before the killer left, he removed his glove to touch her body.

Jimmy Price and Brian Zeller are brought in to inspect Mrs. Leeds' body. Brian creates a replica of the Red Dragon's teeth from bite marks he left on his female victims and the piece of cheese. Jimmy discovers a partial print on Mrs. Leeds' hemorrhaged eyeball and smudged prints on the shard of glass placed in her labia. Will explains that the killer polished the shards after placing them so he could see himself reflected in them. Despite how naturally profiling comes to him, Will is no happier on the job than he was working alongside Hannibal. He pours himself a drink and calls Molly that night. She doesn't answer.

The next day, Will speaks with Jack and says there's one other thing he could be doing to help. Jack knows where this is headed and isn't pleased, but Will sees no other option. Later that day, he visits Hannibal.

Season 3 Episode 9: And the Woman Clothed with the Sun...: 01 Aug 2015

Hannibal immediately attempts to reassert control the second he lays eyes on Will, quickly deducing that he's a family man now. Will, in contrast, tries his hardest to keep the wall up between them, addressing Hannibal only as Dr. Lecter and refusing to discuss anything but the Tooth Fairy. After Hannibal refuses to stop toying with him, Will turns to leave. Hannibal finally gives in and asks to see the file.

A flashback to a scene of Abigail and Hannibal in her kitchen explains how Hannibal kept Abigail alive in secret. He drew blood from her arm to stage her death. He also requested some flesh - her ear - to sell her demise. Abigail, very much an active participant in her faked death, sprayed the collected blood herself.

While Hannibal reads up on the Tooth Fairy, Will and Alana catch up in her office. She's not happy to see Will back on the job and working with Hannibal. Will admits seeing Hannibal again made him feel as though Hannibal was inside his skull. Alana reveals she and Margot are still together and they're raising a son - a Verger heir - that Alana carried. Will asks why then Alana is working at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. "There are only five doors between Hannibal and the outside," she answers, "and I have the keys to all of them."

Hannibal deduces from the case file that the Tooth Fairy is disfigured, but he knows Will already knows this. Together, they delve further into the killer's psyche and Hannibal explains that the Tooth Fairy, much like Will, needs a family to escape what's inside of him. He also selects homes with a big backyard because he needs privacy to properly pay naked tribute to the moon. After Will leaves, Alana orders an inspection of Hannibal's cell. She reminds him that his niceties - the books, the drawings, the toilet - can all be taken away if he doesn't behave.

Another flashback shows Hannibal and Abigail in his office. He's helping her come to terms with her father. To aid the process, Hannibal gives Abigail a knife her father carved out of bone, and makes her confront her father's corpse face-to-face. Abigail rushes the dead body and slits its throat, just as her dad slit hers. Hannibal, satisfied, holds her and says, "Never be ashamed of who you are, Abigail."

Will inspects the Jacobi family's home and watches an iPad video of a birthday party. His search leads to the discovery of the family's murdered cat, stuffed inside the same box used to give the Jacobis' daughter her birthday present. Jack explains that the killer murders pets first because they serve as an early detection system. But he's still confused as to what the families have in common. Will can only offer that the families were both happy.

The hunt for the Tooth Fairy is further complicated by the return of Freddie Lounds. She catches Will searching the Jacobis' home, where he discovers a tree carved with symbols. The viewpoint from it offers a direct eye-line to the house. Freddie corners Will about visiting Hannibal. He avoids her questions, so she tries to convince him to work with her by assuring that the Tooth Fairy is a narcissist and will read anything written about him. Freddie is proven correct when we see Francis next, reading about Will turning to Hannibal for help.

In need of a specific type of film, Francis visits the film developing room at his place of work and meets Reba McClane, a blind woman who recently started working there. She explains that the film he wants to shoot with is very sensitive and hard to develop and offers to develop it for him. Clearly uncomfortable, Francis abruptly leaves, thanking Reba on his way out. After work, while parked across the street, he watches Reba wait for the bus for a while before finally offering her a lift.

Reba invites Francis into her home, then opens up about her life. She used to train newly blind people but decided she was sheltering herself and wasn't living in the sighted world. Her job developing film is a step in that direction. Reba also reveals that her original plan was to work in speech therapy with kids. This revelation makes Francis clam up. Noticing his reaction, Reba encourages him to speak and says that she likes that he doesn't feel sympathy for her. She asks to touch his face, but Francis grabs her wrist before she can feel his cleft palate. He promises he's smiling.

Jack pays Hannibal a visit and reveals that he read his letter to Will before forwarding it onto Will himself. After all, Will is at his most effective with Hannibal in his head. Hannibal warns Jack that the Toothy Fairy definitely knows about Will and knows what he looks like. He wonders whether Jack brought Will out of retirement to bait the Tooth Fairy.

The final flashback of the episode reveals what transpired after Will called Hannibal to warn him. After hanging up, Hannibal shares the warning with Abigail. She wants to leave but Hannibal says they have to wait for Will and orders her to go upstairs. "Hunting with your father was the best time you've ever had," he says. "Now you're going to hunt with me."

At the BSHCI, Hannibal receives a call from his attorney - except it's actually Francis on the line. He's delighted Hannibal has taken an interest in him and says that Hannibal is the only person who can understand what he's becoming: the great Red Dragon.

Season 3 Episode 10: And the Woman Clothed in the Sun : 08 Aug 2015

While looking at himself in a broken mirror, Francis contorts his voice until he embodies the Red Dragon. He then gets in his car and drives to a building, where he opens the circuit breaker and reconnects some wires. When Francis goes upstairs, we see he is in Hannibal's office. Using a laptop to trick the caller ID at the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Francis poses as Hannibal's lawyer. This is how Francis managed to make contact with Hannibal. He explains that he's a big fan of Hannibal and knew Hannibal would understand him. After hanging up, Francis imagines himself seated across from Hannibal during a therapy session. He admits that he wants to stand before Hannibal as the Red Dragon and that he wants Hannibal to meld into him.

Bedelia is lecturing about her time spent with Hannibal in Florence when Will walks into the room and takes a seat. After everyone leaves, he confronts her about the story she's been spinning: that she lost herself under Hannibal's manipulation. Will knows that's not true, but he is curious how Bedelia managed to survive Hannibal without any scars. Bedelia explains that she was never herself with Hannibal; Will was. When Will asks if she's gone to see him, Bedelia responds she doesn't need to because she's seen enough of him. When she was with Hannibal, she saw him behind the veil. Will, however, was always on the other side.

Francis and Reba's relationship grows stronger when he takes her to the zoo to see a tiger that has been put under while its tooth is being worked on. Reba asks Francis to describe the tiger to her before she strokes its fur, even feeling its mouth and teeth. Francis watches anxiously, but when he sees Reba is fine, he relaxes. As she lies on top of the tiger and hugs its body, Reba softly cries. Afterward, at Francis' house, Reba makes martinis for them both and remarks that Francis is full of surprises, and no one at their place of work knows anything about him. Concerned that their co-workers told Reba what he looks like, Francis retreats into a corner. She finds him and assures him she is not bothered by his appearance, first by caressing his cleft lip and kissing him and later, by initiating an intimate relationship.

The next morning, Francis admires Reba in her sleep and caresses his face with her hand. But when he falls back to sleep, it's the Red Dragon's consciousness that takes over. When Francis awakes with a start, he sees that Reba is not next to him. He races to the Red Dragon shrine in the attic. Reba is not there, but the Red Dragon tries to overtake him. Francis shrugs it off and returns downstairs, where he finds Reba waiting for him in the living room. She's ready for him to take her home.

When Hannibal asks to call his lawyer's office, he's handed a rotary phone and an operator informs him the call will be connected directly. But Hannibal has other plans. He unscrews the receiver and uses a gum wrapper to disconnect the call. An operator then picks up and asks whom Hannibal was trying to reach. He asks to be connected to Dr. Chilton's office. When Chilton's secretary answers, Hannibal poses as someone from Chilton's publisher and asks for the address of someone he needs to send a copy of Chilton's book to: Will Graham.

Will makes an appointment with Bedelia to speak to her further. He still believes she and Hannibal were working together, but Bedelia argues that Hannibal was still her patient in Florence. However, she admits she lost professional objectivity with him and began to care. Will questions whether Bedelia ever wanted to kill Hannibal. She counters that her and Hannibal's relationship isn't as passionate as Will's and Hannibal's. Bedelia then asks Will what he would do if he saw an injured bird on the street. Will says his first thought would be that it's vulnerable, and he'd want to help it. In contrast, Bedelia says she would also perceive it as vulnerable, but she'd want to crush it.

Her instincts are shown in action during a flashback with Neal, the patient Bedelia killed. Neal believes Hannibal ended their professional relationship because he figured out Hannibal wasn't helping him but further hurting him. He also believes Hannibal referred him to Bedelia because they're the same twisted person. Bedelia, who listens to Neal grow more and more paranoid over several sessions, assures Neal she would've prescribed the same treatment Hannibal did but that only agitates Neal further. He stands up and begins yelling at Bedelia but seizes and begins to choke on his tongue. Bedelia rushes over to help, but Neal won't let her. He falls on a table and breaks the glass. As blood pours out of his mouth, Bedelia thrusts her hand down his throat to clear the blockage. But in the moment, she has a change of heart and finishes Neal off instead. Back in the present with Will, she tells Will the next time he has the urge to save someone, he should consider crushing them instead.

Despite Bedelia's warnings, Will again goes to see Hannibal and shows him the carving found by the Jacobis' house. He explains that it appears on a mahjong tile that represents the red dragon. Hannibal asks Will if he's ever seen the William Blake painting of that name, in which a dragon stands over a pleading woman caught in his tail. He describes it as one of the few pieces of Western art that radiates a unique and nightmarish charge of demonic sexuality. Will again tries to get Hannibal to pin down the common factor between the victims, but Hannibal will only say that he doesn't believe the Red Dragon to be insane. In fact, he likes him.

Francis arrives at the Brooklyn Museum and signs in with a fake name. He has an appointment to see the William Blake painting in person. After being escorted to the storage area where the painting is kept, Francis knocks the museum employee unconscious and retrieves the painting from its plastic cover. He caresses the painting and sniffs it before revealing he's wearing his prosthetic sharpened teeth. Francis takes a bite out of the painting and continues eating it at the same time Will arrives for his own appointment to see the Blake. When Will's escort goes inside the storage area to confer with his colleague, Francis sneaks into the elevator behind Will. Sensing something, Will heads back to the elevator and spies a foot. When he hears his escort calling out for his colleague, Will shoves his arm into the elevator to keep the doors from closing. There, he comes face-to-face with Francis. Recognizing Will from the newspaper, Francis grabs him, throws him against the wall and flings him from the elevator. Will scrambles to his feet and races down the stairs in an attempt to beat the elevator, but when he reaches the first floor, Francis is gone.

Season 3 Episode 11: ...And the Beast From the Sea: 15 Aug 2015

Following his run-in with the Red Dragon, Will catches Jack and Alana up to speed. Alana wonders if maybe the Dragon's trying to stop; Jack hopes he can be pushed further to self-harm. Will shoots Jack's idea down, making Jack press Will harder on what he knows about the killer. Will reveals it was Hannibal who told him where to look. He believes Hannibal knows who the Dragon is.

When Francis next calls Hannibal, he shares that his relationship with Reba is angering the Dragon; they're not on the same page anymore. He is desperate to avoid giving Reba to the Dragon, so Hannibal leads Francis to an alternative: Will's family. "Save yourself," Hannibal says, "Kill them all."

With a new target selected, Francis reconnects with the Dragon. During an evening with Reba, he watches footage he's recorded of Molly and Walter while Reba rests on his lap, utterly unaware that the nocturnal animals Francis films are humans. Meanwhile, Molly and Walter's first line of defense - their dogs - are found poisoned. The vet believes it could be something they ate, and Molly admits she's been feeding them canned food instead of making their meals from scratch like Will. None the wiser, Molly and Walter return home.

Will confronts Hannibal about making contact with the Dragon. He's sure Hannibal knows who the Dragon is and how he's choosing the families. Hannibal plays off the notion, saying it'd be impossible for the Dragon to contact him and suggesting social media is how the Dragon is picking his victims. Will urges him to think of the family in harm's way. Hannibal coolly responds, "They're not my family."

The night of the full moon, Francis breaks into the Graham home, but Molly is ready. She hears the floorboards creaking and carefully dresses and sneaks into Walter's room. She helps him dress and ushers him out of the window, telling him to wait by the car. As the Dragon passes Walter's room, Molly hides in a closet. When he enters the master bedroom, she sneaks out the front. Enraged to find the bedroom empty, the Dragon retreats down the hallway to Walter's room. Finding it empty, too, he makes his way back to the front of the house, where Molly is hiding beneath the porch. She tosses something to distract the Dragon's attention from the car, so Walter can rejoin her. Next, Molly turns on the car alarm. As the Dragon fires bullets into the car, Molly and Walter make their escape. Reaching the road, she jumps in front of a car to get it to stop. Walter climbs into the backseat just as the driver gets out. Molly is pleading with him to get back inside when a gunshot silences him. With blood splatter on her face, Molly climbs behind the wheel and speeds off as the Dragon continues shooting. He hits her, sending blood spraying across the windshield, but she and Walter get away.

When Will arrives at the hospital, Molly is in surgery, and Jack is with Walter. Walter asks about the Red Dragon, and Will explains that he's going to catch him and put him in a mental hospital. Walter then admits he read about Will in a newspaper; he knows that he killed a man and that he was institutionalized. Will worries that Walter is unhappy with him, but instead, Walter says he hopes Will kills the Red Dragon.

Figuring out how Hannibal has been speaking with the Dragon, Alana phones Hannibal's lawyer and confirms that he hasn't spoken with Hannibal since he was declared insane. Alana confronts Hannibal and is soon joined by Jack. They don't want him to stop speaking with the Dragon. Rather, they want him to keep him on the phone next time he calls, so they can trace him.

As his feelings about Reba and loyalty to the Dragon grow more conflicted, Francis imagines the Dragon assaulting him. In actuality, he beats himself up. He decides he must end things with Reba and waits for her to arrive in the dark room. She can immediately sense he's there and that something is wrong. Francis breaks down crying, saying he's unsure of what's happening to him because of her. He declares it's over, explaining that he can't be with her because he's afraid he'll hurt her. A visibly upset Reba tells him to leave.

The next time Francis calls Hannibal, he's emotional and reeling from his breakup. He confesses to Hannibal that he's worried Reba will come to the house wanting to talk, and the Dragon will come out. Hannibal remains mostly silent as Francis works through his feelings but abruptly ends the conversation when he reveals, "They're listening." Francis immediately ends the call but it's long enough for the F.B.I. to work out that he was calling from Hannibal's office. Keeping her word, Alana has all of Hannibal's fineries - books, drawing table, even the toilet - removed for his lack of cooperation.

When Molly wakes up in the hospital, Will is by her side, half-asleep on a chair. She says she wanted Will to go and that she knew when the Red Dragon entered the house that it was him. Molly blames herself - and Jack - for what's happened to their family. Will counters that he knew what he was doing when he agreed to help and admits Hannibal influenced the Red Dragon to target them. Despite all that's happened, Molly and Will agree that they'll go home after this, together.

Hannibal openly admits to Will that he told the Dragon to kill his family and gave him their address. He also finally gives Will what he's been asking for, a profile of the Dragon. Will finally comes to realize, as Hannibal has, that the Dragon is not murdering families. In his mind, he's changing them for the better.

Season 3 Episode 12: The Number of the Beast is 666: 22 Aug 2015

Following his family's near murder at the hands of the Red Dragon, Will makes another appointment to see Bedelia. He admits that he sees himself killing Molly as the Dragon would. Bedelia, by way of explanation, says that Hannibal gave Will three years to build a family confident that he'd find a way to take them away. Will wonders whether Hannibal is in love with him. Bedelia says yes, in so many words, then forces Will to consider whether it's reciprocated.

With no alternative options, Will convinces Jack to bait the Red Dragon by using Freddie Lounds to badmouth him in the press. Alana warns that the last time Will and Jack thought they were in control, nothing could have been farther from the truth, but seeing their determination, she offers guidance. To make the bait more believable, Alana says they'll need a professional opinion to go along with Will's, so the Dragon doesn't realize he's being goaded. Alana knows better than to put herself in that position, but she knows someone who'd be happy to do it: Dr. Chilton.

In a rented apartment the FBI wants the Red Dragon to believe is Will's, Dr. Chilton, Will and Jack contrive an insulting profile of the Dragon for Freddie. Chilton supplies the psychological terminology while Will supplies the insults, calling the Dragon insane, ugly, impotent, a vicious perverted sexual failure and a product of incest. For the finishing touch, Will and Dr. Chilton take a photo together to accompany the article. Landmarks near the apartment are intentionally visible in the window behind them. As is the hand that Will places on Chilton's shoulder.

Jack and Will's plan presumes the Dragon will attack Will near the fountain behind his home, where snipers and a SWAT team will be waiting. Instead, the Dragon goes after Chilton, killing his armed guards and kidnapping him from a parking garage. He brings Chilton back to his home, where he strips him naked and glues him to a chair. When Chilton wakes, he doesn't immediately understand what's happened. But after the Dragon quotes the Tattle Crime article back to him, he knows how much trouble he's in. The Dragon doesn't want to hurt Chilton, though, merely show him the truth about what he's become. Chilton pleads to be let go, explaining that he hasn't seen the Dragon's face and is therefore not a threat to him. But the Dragon removes that option when he takes off his mesh mask and forces Chilton to look him in the eye.

Reba's unexpected arrival pauses their negotiation. The Dragon warns that if Chilton says anything, he'll kill her, so when Reba comes nearly face-to-face with Chilton, he remains quiet. She came to tell the Dragon how much she cares about him and that she hopes he'll reconsider ending their relationship. But the Dragon doesn't budge, and after she's gone, he returns to the task at hand. The Dragon shows Chilton a slideshow featuring the William Blake painting and photos of his victims, before and after their deaths. Chilton plays along, saying that he understands the Dragon now and blames Will for the lies written in the article. The Dragon asks Chilton to do one more thing before he lets him go, record a video message. But afterward, he has a violent change of heart. To ensure Chilton properly understands the Red Dragon, Francis dons his mesh mask and his sharpened teeth and bites off Chilton's lips.

The lips are delivered to Hannibal soon after, in an envelope brought to Hannibal's cell by Alana. By the time Jack arrives, Hannibal has already eaten one of the lips. The video message Chilton recorded reaches Jack, Will and Alana shortly after. In it, Chilton repeats the Dragon's words and confesses that he lied for Will. He also promises that the Dragon will snap Will's spine.

During her next session with Will, Bedelia uses his and Hannibal's logic against him, explaining that Will knew Chilton was a marked man the second he put his hand on him in the photo. He did so because he was curious to see what would happen - and that makes him a participant, not an observer. "Hannibal Lecter does have agency in the world [despite being locked away]," Bedelia explains. "He has you."

When Jack and Will next see Dr. Chilton, he has survived being set on fire, much like how Will pretended to kill Freddie. At the hospital, Will deciphers a barely audible Chilton, who rightly accuses Will of setting him up. When Will asks if he saw anything that could help them, Chilton mentions a blind black woman. Jack knows he means Reba; the Dragon mentioned her on the phone with Hannibal.

But before the FBI can close in, the Dragon kidnaps Reba and brings her back to his home. A terrified Reba attempts to appeal to his affection for her, but the man she once knew is gone. The Dragon asks if she knows about the murders in Buffalo and Chicago, which he characterizes as "remarkable events" featuring "two groups of people that were changed." When Reba puts it together, he asks her what the "being that visited them" was called. She almost says the Tooth Fairy, but the Dragon grabs her mouth and asks her to try again. When Reba says the Dragon, he reveals that he and the Dragon are one in the same.

Season 3 Episode 13: The Wrath of the Lamb: 29 Aug 2015

After Francis reveals he's the Red Dragon, Reba tries to appeal to his humanity, but the Dragon is fully in control. He makes sure Reba understands where she is, then asks her to remove the key from his neck and lock the front door. The Dragon warns Reba not to try to flee, but she does so anyway. When she runs out the front door, the Dragon is waiting for her. He brings her back to the bedroom, pulls out a shotgun and makes Reba feel it. Francis asserts that he doesn't want to see Reba hurt by the Dragon, so instead, he pours gasoline all around them and ignites the room with a match. Realizing that he can't bear to see Reba burn, the Dragon shoots himself in the head. After the shot goes off, Reba drops to the ground and combs through what's left of the man she loved until she finds the key. She manages to crawl to the front door and escape.

At the hospital, Reba is visited by Will, who asks her to recount what happened. He comforts her concerns about attracting a monster by assuring her there is nothing wrong with her and that Francis' actions could be construed as him trying to stop his murderous impulses - thanks to her.

Will breaks the news of the Dragon's death to Hannibal, who says he's disappointed for Will. Will came all this way and didn't even get to kill someone, aside from Dr. Chilton. Will brushes off the accusation, saying he came back to stop the Dragon and the Dragon stopped. Hannibal wonders if Will can even return to family life now, noting that it will never be the same. He additionally asks Will to think of him when things get maddeningly polite. But Will puts an end to Hannibal's mind games when he reminds him that he only turned himself in because Will rejected him. And with that, Will leaves.

As he enters his hotel room, Will is ambushed by the Dragon, very much alive and armed with a chloroform-soaked handkerchief. When Will comes to, he's still in the room, restrained but otherwise unharmed. The Dragon and Will forge a bond by trading stories about being betrayed by Hannibal. Will says Hannibal is the one person the Dragon truly needs to change. The Dragon agrees, saying he'd like to meet Hannibal. He asks Will how that can be managed.

When Jimmy and Brian get ahold of the Dragon's body, they confirm what Will already knows: it's not the Dragon's. Rather, it likely belongs to a service station attendant who was reported missing. Brian, Jimmy and Jack agree that the Dragon staged Reba's interactions with the key around his neck so she would believe it was him dead on the floor. To capture the Dragon once and for all, Will proposes that they get the Dragon to come to them... with Hannibal as the bait. The Dragon wants to kill Hannibal in order to absorb him, become more than him. Jack can arrange for Hannibal to be taken into federal custody. Then, they fake an escape.

During his last session with Bedelia, Will admits, however, that he has no intention of seeing Hannibal caught a second time. This is his becoming, bringing an end to Hannibal. Bedelia is infuriated by Will's recklessness, saying he might as well just slit their throats and be done with it. But Will stands firm and advises Bedelia to pack her bags - meat's back on the menu.

When next Alana sees Chilton, he is being treated inside a glass chamber. She tells him she came to visit because she wanted to be reminded of what Hannibal is capable of. Chilton knows better; he's actually an example of what she and Will are capable of. After visiting Chilton, Alana speaks with Hannibal. She lays out Jack and Will's plan and explains that the Dragon is still alive. Furthermore, Alana promises Hannibal that if he cooperates, she'll ensure that his books, drawings and toilet are returned. Hannibal wonders why Alana would support such a plan when his escape, if it were to become permanent, could lead to her death. When Alana doesn't back down, Hannibal eventually gives in - but with the stipulation that Will ask him to participate himself. Alana, meanwhile, takes Hannibal's threat to heart. On the day of his planned escape, she, Margot and their son depart the Verger estate.

Hannibal is only too happy to see Will have to retract his goodbye and ask for his help. Will explains that the Dragon once expressed interest in meeting Hannibal, so after the escape, Hannibal is to send a message to the Dragon and arrange a meet-up. The Secret Service has lent the FBI a rendezvous point that has never been used before. Its isolated location should be able to convince the Dragon he is not walking into a trap. The day of the escape, two armed guards join Will and Hannibal in the back of a truck while a pair of cop cars drives in front of and behind the truck. During the drive, a third cop car pulls up alongside the escort: it's the Dragon. He shoots the driver of the first cop car, sending it careening into the truck. As Will and Hannibal are tossed about, the Dragon shoots their armed guards and the passengers of the cop cars. When Will and Hannibal emerge from the wreckage, the Dragon is gone. Hannibal hops behind the wheel of the driveable cop car and offers Will a lift. He hesitates just for a moment then gets in.

Hannibal brings Will to a house on the edge of a cliff, where he once brought Abigail and Miriam Lass. That night, Hannibal and Will come clean about the real intention for the escape, with Will admitting that he intends to watch the Dragon "change" Hannibal. He also confesses that he's not sure he'll be able to save himself and "maybe that's just fine." Will then reveals that the Dragon is watching them. Hannibal says he knows just as the wine bottle in his hand shatters as a bullet passes through it. The glass window behind Hannibal shatters, too, and Hannibal drops to the ground as the Dragon, gun raised, enters. He crouches down on the ground and removes a camera from his pack; he's going to record Hannibal's death.

Will watches Hannibal, while still sipping his wine, and reaches for his weapon. But he's too slow for the Dragon, who pounces on Will and stabs him with a knife through the cheek. The Dragon tosses Will's body into the backyard, where Will pulls the knife from his cheek and stabs the Dragon in the leg. It doesn't slow the Dragon, however, who removes the knife and again stabs Will. Before he can finish him off, Hannibal jumps on the Dragon's shoulders. The Dragon tosses him off easily, sending him flying across the yard. As the Dragon walks toward Hannibal, Will retrieves the knife and stabs the Dragon in his side. Blood pours from the Dragon and he drops Hannibal, whom he had been choking. When the Dragon again turns his attention to Will, Hannibal picks up a nearby axe and slashes the Dragon's leg. The Dragon falters just long enough for Will to stab the other leg. Working together, Hannibal and Will finish off the Dragon. When Hannibal again climbs on the Dragon's shoulders, Will slashes his stomach while Hannibal bites a chunk of flesh from his neck. As Hannibal and Will fall to either side of the Dragon, he collapses and dies, with the blood pooling beneath him forming dragon wings for the final time.

Severely beaten and bloodied, Hannibal and Will embrace with what little life they have left. Hannibal declares, "This is all I ever wanted for you, Will. For both of us." Will, with his head pressed against Hannibal's chest, tightens his grip around his friend, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. For his last act, he flings himself and Hannibal over the edge of the cliff.