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A.D. The Bible Continues: Season 1 Episode 9: Saul's Return: Airdate: May 31st 2015

It's night and there's trouble in the streets of Damascus. It seems everyone's after Saul, whose preaching at the synagogue yielded a riot. Now Barnabas is trying to sneak Saul out of the city - which means lowering him over the city walls in a basket. Back in Jerusalem, Leah is furious at Saul's betrayal. She orders Reuben to find him, shame him and kill him. Across town, Pilate and Claudia get on their knees at Caligula's behest. His interest immediately turns to Claudia, to whom he offers a hand and asks, "Are you loyal to your Emperor? How loyal? How would you show your devotion to me?" When Claudia fails to answer, Caligula screams for Aurelius, Tiberius' trusted advisor. Claudia doesn't love Caligula - does Aurelius? After a prolonged interrogation, Aurelius insists he would offer his life for his emperor... so Caligula orders him to prove it. Claudia looks away when Aurelius falls on his sword, which merely bores Caligula all the more. Jerusalem doesn't love him, and Pilate is going to change all that, by putting a statue of Caligula in the Temple. Once Caligula stalks off to prepare for his immediate return to Rome, Pilate and Claudia summon Agrippa, who's well aware that a statue of Caligula in the Temple will cause at best a riot, in which thousands will perish. Pilate wants Agrippa to persuade Caligula to forget about the statue, which seems like a ridiculous idea to Agrippa. Nevertheless, he promises to try; maybe once Caligula is back in Rome, he'll forget all about Jerusalem. After Agrippa leaves, Pilate asks Claudia about the trouble that plagues both their minds: how do you control a madman? Since this is a problem that will plague all Judea, Claudia insists it's a burden everyone in the city must share.

Once back in Jerusalem, Barnabas tells Saul to wait outside while he persuades the apostles to meet with him. Thomas and Simon the Zealot have many doubts, especially since Saul burned down their camp. Impatient to get on with his mission, Saul invites himself in. John and Peter arrive just as Saul explains that he's turned to Christ. Peter pulls Saul aside, demanding to talk to him alone. He needs to hear what happened on the road to Damascus. When Peter remains skeptical, Saul reminds him that Jesus taught forgiveness. Together, bound by Jesus, the two men can work wonders - can't Peter see it? The argument continues with Saul begging for forgiveness. He's scared; he knows he will suffer, and it would be easier to run. But he can't. So can they get on with it already? It's time to go out and preach. Little does Saul know, Reuben and his men are scouring the city for him.

Mary Magdalene is scrubbing the floors of Pilate's palace when she hears a woman's sobs. Agrippa pulls Caligula out of a room, promising a much better selection of wenches in Rome; it's time they took their leave. When the coast is clear, Mary comforts Tabitha, who's clearly suffered at Caligula's hands. Meanwhile, Pilate and Antipas visit Caiaphas to relay Caligula's request. Stunned, Caiaphas explains that the Book of Daniel foretells such a moment, promising death and destruction. The three men argue, trying to find a way forward. But at the end of the day, Pilate says, "Caiaphas. This is the Emperor's wish. It isn't my problem. It's yours. Deal with it." Meanwhile, Claudia, Heroidas and Leah hold a conference of their own. When Claudia suggests keeping the peace in hopes of boring Caligula out of caring about Jerusalem, Leah hatches a plan. Since Caligula has a taste for blood, they pick a scapegoat and destroy him in public. She knows the perfect candidate... the dangerous blasphemer Saul. His belief in Jesus is a direct challenge to the deity that is Caligula. Afterwards, Herodias hustles to report back to Antipas, unaware that Mary Magdalene is overhearing every word. When Antipas laments they're prisoners in their own former palace, Herodias points out that war in Jerusalem will be the perfect opportunity to seize control back from Pilate and reclaim what's rightfully theirs.

Hearing a hubbub in the marketplace, Mary Magdalene rushes outside to spy Reuben announcing that he's looking for Saul. She asks Joanna to cover for her so she can warn Peter. Joanna presses money into Mary's palm and sends her off, angering Chuza and causing another argument. He's beside himself, but Joanna can't remain silent, because it's a matter of her faith. Overhearing their conversation, Tabitha asks who gave Joanna the strength to speak to her husband that way. Joanna smiles, and starts spreading her faith. Meanwhile, Mary tells the apostles about Caligula's statue and the impending war it purports, according to the Book of Daniel... which also predicts Jesus' return.

That night, Leah is more than disappointed to learn that upon Saul's capture, Caiaphas only means to talk - then he'll decide how to move forward. Across town, Peter confides his doubts in Saul to Barnabas. Why did Jesus have to choose him? At the palace, Claudia, Cornelius and Saul discuss the prospect of full-scale rebellion; it could be months before the Jews accept the statue. Refusing complacency, Claudia wants the men to come up with a plan to circumvent the whole thing, but the most they'll do is bolster the garrison. Afterwards, Cornelius finds a scared Claudia praying alone. Maybe it's not the prospect of all-out war she's so afraid of, but the prospect of being called to Rome by Caligula, who will destroy her to destroy her husband.

Having finally made up his mind, Peter introduces Saul to the apostles as their new brother in Christ. An angry Simon rushes out, so Saul runs after him; then Barnabas rushes after Saul, whose shouts for Simon attract Reuben and his men. While Saul is arrested, Simon escapes to a tavern, where he asks to hand off vital information to "enemies of Rome." Moments later, the tavern owner pours more wine for Simon, who takes a drink, then collapses to the floor. When he wakes up, he's surprised to behold Eva, widow of Boaz, who says, "This is the first step. You can get up and leave now if you want." When Simon asks to meet their leader, Eva explains that this would be the second step. When Simon consents, Levi enters the room and tells Simon to start.


A.D. The Bible Continues: Season 1 Episode 10: Brothers in Arms: Airdate: June 7th 2015

Somewhere in Galilee, James the Just dreams of his boyhood, Jerusalem, A.D. 12, when he found his 12-year-old buddy Jesus preaching to the Sandhedrin outside the Temple. Back in the present, James begins walking to Jerusalem, where the apostles are worried. With Saul in jail and Simon missing, Peter decides to go to the Temple to beg for their release. Frightened Peter will never return, Barnabas begs him to wait. If something happens to him, who will lead the apostles? At that very moment, James walks up to embrace his old friend Peter. Inside the safe house, he tells the apostles about his dream of Jesus, a sign that it was time to rejoin the group. Once he hears about Peter's plan to go to the Temple, James offers to go in his place. Not only is he a rabbi, but he's left them to suffer alone for too long. It's his turn.

Caiaphas has already let Saul out of his cell to talk about why he abandoned their cause. Saul has a chance to recant, confess his sins and return to the Temple. How can he cut himself off from God? When Caiaphas offers his forgiveness, Saul refuses. Only Jesus can forgive him. Furthermore, according to Saul, Isaiah's prophecy has been completed: Jesus is their Messiah. So there's no longer any need for the Temple, its rituals or even Caiaphas himself. Furious, Caiaphas smacks Saul, demanding, "What's happened to you?" then offers a dozen possible fates, none of which sound good. Meanwhile, an unhappy Cornelius stops an ornate parade of Ethiopians in the street, led by wealthy nobleman Gabra, Chief Treasurer to the Queen of Ethiopia. Visiting Jerusalem to make sacrifices at the Temple for Yom Kippur, Gabra has left his weapons at the city gates, but Cornelius orders a search anyway. Later he reports back to Pilate: the Ethiopians are clean. When Claudia suggests Gabra has come to Jerusalem to make sacrifices as he says, Pilate explodes in a racist tirade. Doesn't she realize Gabra has gelded himself to serve his queen? And how could his arrival in Jerusalem - when the city is on the brink of war - be innocent? Pilate instructs Claudia and Cornelius to invite the eunuch to dinner - and invite Antipas and Herodias too, so his intentions don't look too obvious.

While praying at the Temple's Court of the Women, Leah spies Saul walking away free. She rushes to confront Caiaphas, who admits to releasing Saul, a mad man whose words will surely get him killed. When Leah presses, Caiaphas silences her with his rage. All Jews must unite to fight the abomination of Caligula's statue and everything it represents. The people need to love the Temple more than they fear the Romans. But Leah can't let go of Saul, whom she believes stains Caiaphas' reputation daily. Why can't Caiaphas act in accordance with his high office?! Caiaphas insists that he does every day; Leah's just too blind to see it. Uncowed, Leah makes a beeline for Eva's house. When Eva kicks her out, Leah refuses to go, admitting she needs Eva's contacts to kill a man for her. Eva sets up a meeting with Levi, so Leah can place her request to kill Saul. What would Levi want in exchange for his services? Levi wants to know Caiaphas' plans for Caligula's statue, and when Leah professes not to know, he snickers. Everyone knows Caiaphas does what Leah tells him to do. What Levi wants from Leah is blood, the blood of a thousand Romans, and she will influence Caiaphas and the Temple to give it to him when the time is right.

Simon returns to the safe house, explaining he was waylaid after a night of partying, then Saul shows up. The apostles are overjoyed, thinking James must have secured Saul's release, but he explains Caiaphas just let him go, which enrages Simon. When Saul asks, "What are you accusing me of, exactly?" Simon turns and leaves. Meanwhile, James calls out Caiaphas in front of the Temple, asking what kind of high priest instills such fear in his people. When James demands Saul and Simon's release, Caiaphas explains that Simon was never there, and Saul has been freed. James demands that Caiaphas stop persecuting the apostles, so Caiaphas counters: how about a safe place to pray and a chance to make peace with the Temple? After all, it's nearly Yom Kippur, and Caiaphas wants to unite the Jews. Everyone except Saul, that is. Caiaphas moves on to greet Gabra, who has great riches to offer in sacrifice. Just then, Cornelius rides up to order Gabra to attend dinner at Pilate's palace - where things are going badly. Claudia and Herodias have just walked in on Joanna, Tabitha and Mary Magdalene, rejoicing over Tabitha's upcoming baptism. When Herodias lays into Tabitha, Claudia tries to shift the blame to her own servant Mary, offering to take care of the matter, but Herodias banishes Joanna and Tabitha.

James returns to the safe house to float Caiaphas' offer to the apostles: they would be able to live normal lives again! Of course, Saul has questions. Why do they need the Temple when Jesus is everywhere? Furious, Simon is up on his feet, railing at Saul, telling his brothers not to trust him, then stalking off. In the market, he runs into Levi, who has questions about Saul, too. Can Simon bring Saul to Levi and his men? When Levi explains that Saul's future is none of Simon's concern, Simon bristles. He can't betray a brother, but it looks like he can't help considering it. Levi moves on to confer with Eva about Leah, whom Eva is sure will betray them. Moreover, Leah has asked them to murder a man who hasn't sinned any more than being a loudmouth. Levi advises Eva to go see Saul preach to see what kind of man he really is. Then he meets with Gabra, who opens a mighty chest of gold - much larger than the chest he gave Caiaphas...

Over dinner, Gabra explains that on Yom Kippur, the Jews make peace with their enemies - a custom not native to the Romans. Pilate is just insisting that he has crushed all of Jerusalem's dissenters when Herodias arrives late to dinner, explaining she had to wait for her new gown to be completed, since she had to dismiss her seamstress. When Gabra asks why the seamstress couldn't be forgiven, Herodias explains she was joining the Nazarene cult. Gabra pokes Pilate - didn't he just say he crushed all the dissenters in the city? Furious, Pilate orders Cornelius to summon Joanna and Tabitha to his office. Claudia begs for mercy, but Pilate is intent on flogging the two women in public to send a message to both Rome and the Ethiopians. When Cornelius asks whom he should flog first, Joanna tells a sobbing Tabitha to take heart, Jesus will give her strength. Pilate gets up in Joanna's face, telling Cornelius to beat only Tabitha. He has something special planned for Joanna. The group returns to the courtyard, where Pilate whispers into Antipas' ear, blaming him for bringing insurgents into his palace. He will watch the whipping of Tabitha, he will admire Rome's might, and then he will get the hell out. After apologizing to Gabra, Pilate orders the whipping to commence in front of his dinner guests. After everyone's left, Pilate summons Claudia to berate her for arguing with him in public. Even though she didn't say a word, her face betrayed her disapproval. She's horrified to learn that Pilate is still mulling over how to make Joanna's death "count." Locked in prison, Joanna tells her husband Chuza not to worry; her heart is at peace.

The next day, both Eva and Simon listen to Saul preaching outside a synagogue. Eva calls to Saul with questions: Does Saul preach what the cult of the Nazarenes truly believes? Claiming Saul will destroy their new church with his words, Eva changes her mind about him. Reminding Simon that he is with her now, she tells him to deliver Saul to the inn, alone at sunset. They'll do the rest.

Claudia finds a tearful Mary Magdalene comforting Tabitha, saying "I'm sorry" over and over again, blaming herself for all that happened. She's stunned when Claudia offers a bag of money and medicinal herbs for Tabitha, urging them to leave now while Pilate is distracted. When Mary asks after Joanna, Claudia will only say, "Go. Now." When Simon returns to the safe house, he finds Saul tenderly praying over a gravely injured Tabitha, which causes his total reversal. He confesses his plotting with Levi to Peter and James, explaining his goal was only to protect the Temple. So now what? In favor of accepting Caiaphas' deal, James thinks Saul is the problem - clearly, he's pulling them apart. Saul walks in, none too happy to discover his brothers are discussing his fate. Late that day, the ancestors walk Saul into the desert, claiming there's a bigger role for him in the world beyond Jerusalem. The apostles are scared, but Saul's not - he's merely trying to drag his more timid brothers forward to meet the challenge of spreading the word. Promising the apostles their safety, Saul heads off to Tarsus, promising to recruit new followers along the way.

A.D. The Bible Continues: Season 1 Episode 11: Rise Up: Airdate: June 14th 2015

As a colonnade of Roman centurions trudge towards Jerusalem hauling the giant golden statue of Caligula, Caiaphas preaches to the Sanhedrin and the Jewish people, gathered in the royal stoa at the Temple. Caligula's statue will arrive within a few days, and if God's house is defiled by this abomination, he will leave the Temple and its people. Famine and then starvation will render them helpless to oppose their enemies. Caiaphas wants all Jews to unite to protect the Temple; now is the time for brotherhood and unity. Caiaphas gains the support of the people, the Sanhedrin, his wife Leah - and maybe even James the Just, who reports back to the apostles, admitting that for a minute, he dreamt he was in Caiaphas' place - but talking about Jesus instead of Rome. Imagine being able to speak about Jesus in public without fear! But Peter refuses to trust the man who murdered Jesus. James claims he's merely looking for an end to their persecution, and John recalls the sight of Jesus on the cross. His pain was so great that he called out, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." If Jesus asked this of God, then he asks it of them, too. Swayed, Peter tells the others that James will talk to Caiaphas about reconciliation, while he is leaving Jerusalem to preach.

Gabra smuggles weapons into the city for Levi and his band of Zealots. Both men feel they're lighting a fire that will burn Rome to cinders, giving the rest of the world confidence to fight their oppressors. Later, Simon enters a synagogue where Levi rallies 100 men to use their new Ethiopian weapons to fight the Roman infection and cleanse the Temple's corrupt priesthood. Reuben delivers an invitation from Caiaphas, begging unity, but Levi calls him a spy and has him dragged away.

Concerned with the rising violence on the streets, Cornelius asks Pilate to increase the volume of patrols. They're a holding force, not an army, and more men will help hide this fact. When Claudia promises Pilate they'll get through this trial, he notes she's not eating. What can he do to help? Claudia asks him to release Joanna, explaining that her interest is merely empathy. Between clenched teeth, Pilate declares that empathy breeds weakness, and they are not weak. Later, Claudia brings food to a weakened Joanna, who asks whether Pilate has decided her fate. "He doesn't get to decide everything," Joanna says.

At the Temple, Caiaphas is taken aback by James, whom he feels is making demands - like stop the persecution. Nevertheless, he agrees to leave the Nazarenes in peace. But, he cautions, they must refrain from calling Jesus king or messiah, which could bring trouble from Rome. Much as he doesn't like it, Caiaphas permits James and his people to speak without censorship in the Temple, provided they remember his generosity in days to come. James hurries out to report his good news to Simon, Thomas, Mary Magdalene and Tabitha, then ushers them towards the Temple. But just as Tabitha is giving all her money to a beggar, she collapses, then begs Mary to take her home to her family in Joppa. Thinking Tabitha's injuries are all her fault, Mary immediately gathers her friend in her arms and starts the long journey.

Levi sends Eva to a Roman tavern to deliver a warning to Gabra: he's making himself too visible. Gabra laughs it off. He's a dignitary in Jerusalem to be seen with no hidden agenda. As long as he's visible, he's untouchable. But Reuben, the Temple spy, could make his life uncomfortable. Does he have Eva's assurances that he won't be a problem? Unbeknownst to Gabra, a Zealot has smuggled Reuben out of the city in a bag. Reuben gets on his knees, asking to make his peace with God before his execution, and then his prayer turns into swift and sudden death for the Zealot. It's not long before Reuben is back in the city, reporting the Ethiopian/Zealot plot to Caiaphas and Leah, who wants to go directly to Pilate. Caiaphas refuses. He'll never sacrifice the Temple; he won't be the high priest who caused God to abandon his people. Leah makes a beeline for Pilate's palace to ask Claudia's permission to speak to Pilate. Her information about the Ethiopian/Zealot alliance could prevent a massacre. It's not long before Eva and Levi are scrambling to escape across Jerusalem's rooftops, while Cornelius seizes the Ethiopian weapons and takes Gabra prisoner. Gabra claims that any harm that might befall him would be an act of war with Ethiopia, but Pilate's skeptical. Gabra's queen would risk an attack on Rome? Probably not. While diplomacy prevents Pilate from killing Gabra, he will write to his Queen, advising her to banish him for life. Seizing Gabra's men as slaves, Pilate has him kicked out of the city, a site not lost on Caiaphas, who realizes Leah is behind the whole deal.

In exchange for Leah's information, Claudia again asks Pilate for a good turn, releasing Joanna, and again he refuses. Furious, Claudia returns to the prison to release Joanna herself, but they're met by Cornelius on the way out. It's not long before they're standing in front of Pilate, who fears Joanna is infecting the mind of his wife, just as she did Tabitha's. When Joanna insists her interest is only empathy, Pilate gives her a choice: she can set Joanna free by strangulation or send her to the cross. Calling her husband a monster, Claudia tells him not to make her choose. Joanna shuffles forward, insisting she will choose her fate, so Pilate commands Cornelius to carry out the strangulation. Joanna forgives Cornelius his actions in the name of Christ. Afterwards, Cornelius methodically washes the blood off his hands, but it's all too much and he breaks into tears.

While preaching in a small Judean village, Peter is amazed to encounter Philip, who was on his way back to Jerusalem. Only Philip notices the Angel, who has come to deliver a message: they are to go south to the Gaza road. After dispatching Philip, Peter continues on his way to Joppa, where Mary has brought Tabitha. But by the time Peter arrives, Tabitha has died, devastating her family and Mary Magdalene. Peter finds her crying on the street - she thought her faith would be enough to keep Tabitha from dying. Peter tells her she's not responsible for Tabitha's death; it was God's will. Mary takes him to Tabitha and leaves him alone to pray over the corpse. Moments later, Peter is besieged by a mighty wind, which blows Tabitha's shroud away. Peter commands Tabitha to "get up!" and she does, restored to life. Mary brings them outside where they're embraced by a joyous crowd.

Eva and Levi spy Simon preaching the word of Jesus in the street and call to him. Simon promises he's loyal to their cause, but his new friends wonder how loyal he'll be when the Romans charge them with sedition. Meanwhile, Gabra finds himself alone in the desert, the wheel of his meager chariot broken. Since the only possession he has left is the scroll of writings by the prophet Isaiah, given to him by Caiaphas, Gabra sits, reading aloud. Luckily, Philip happens by and, recognizing the words of Isaiah, stops to help fix the wheel, and talk about Jesus. When the chariot is fixed, the two men spy a small pool of water, so they stop to baptize Gabra, who repents his sins and declares his intention to preach the word of Jesus to the four corners of the Earth. Strangely enough, when Gabra rises from the water, Philip has vanished.

It's late at night when the statue of Caligula finally arrives in Jerusalem, standing three times higher than any man..

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A.D. The Bible Continues: Season 1 Episode 12: The Abomination: Airdate: June 21st 2015

The statue of Caligula is in Jerusalem, having been delivered to Pilate's palace. With Caiaphas and Leah in attendance, Pilate warns that upon his decree, the statue will be escorted to the Court of the Women at the Temple. The only uncertainty is the number of deaths this will cause. Pilate is disappointed when Caiaphas insists he can't help, which prompts him to bring up his "friendship" with Leah. Sensing a betrayal, Leah automatically says, "He's lying," just as Pilate explains she told him about the Ethiopians' plot with the Zealots, for which he is in Caiaphas' debt. Was Caiaphas not aware of this? Maybe Pilate owes him nothing after all. After a moment's thought, Caiaphas claims Leah exposed the plot with his approval, but he remains untainted by her actions, thus giving Pilate no means for blackmail. The statue will never, ever enter the Temple. Pilate has but one a question: When his centurions march for the Temple, how will Caiaphas stop them?

The apostles discuss Jesus' warning that the Temple will be destroyed, an act that will be followed by earthquake, famine and general troubles. Seems like a good time to literally head for the hills. James reports he's been summoned to the Temple by Caiaphas. Barnabas thinks Caiaphas will ask them to fight, and they'll be cut to pieces, but Simon and James reserve judgment.

For the first time, we see Cornelius wearing civilian clothes, praying. He has a vision of Joanna, who says, "In the name of Christ, I forgive you." A crash of thunder sounds overhead, followed by a vision of the Angel, who instructs him to send men to Joppa to find Peter. Meanwhile, Peter is having visions of his own of various animals the Angel tells him are unclean. "But do not call anything unpure that God has cleansed," says the voice. Moreover, there are three men waiting downstairs. Peter is to go with them without question, for they have been sent by God. When Peter spies three Roman servants, he smiles, amazed, and rides with them and Mary Magdalene to Cornelius' home. Cornelius says that the vision of the Angel has convinced him to change his ways. When Mary asks about Joanna, Cornelius breaks down in tears. Mary knows Cornelius killed her friend when he collapses into her arms and then to the ground. Peter urges Cornelius to stand up. While he doesn't know God's plan for Cornelius, Peter must welcome him into the fold and baptize him. They join Cornelius' wife, Candida, and three children, just as the wind picks up. Suddenly, words of prayer flow through Candida in Aramaic, then Cornelius starts praying in Parthian, their children and guards pick up the words in Egyptian, Libyan, Hebrew. "This is why we came!" Peter cries to Mary. "This is our mission." Moments later, a freshly baptized Cornelius hugs Peter for dear life.

Caiaphas tells James about his plan to unite Jerusalem's Jews to repel the barbarity of Caligula's statue. James thinks this is a noble idea, but the apostles can't help. Furious, Caiaphas threatens to decimate the apostles, which merely confirms James' suspicions. Claiming the Nazarenes have no interest in anything other than themselves, Caiaphas screams at James to get out of his office. Afterwards, he summons Leah, whom he believes has drifted too far from God with her lies and manipulations. Starting now, Leah is wife to Caiaphas in name only, and she will go back to live with her family. When Leah claims he wouldn't be High Priest if it weren't for her, Caiaphas tells her to stop talking... because no one is listening. It's dusk when Leah scurries through the streets to visit her father, Annas, and brother, Jonathan. She's worried about Caiaphas, who has become irrational and violent, which is not behavior fitting a high priest. The Temple is no longer safe, so it may well be in their family's best interest to remove him from office. But now that Caiaphas has united the Jews, Annas and Jonathan know he's untouchable. Only death can rob him of his position. Leah should go back to her husband. When Leah leaves, Jonathan warns his father that she's dangerous and will drag them down with her. "So what shall we do with her?" Annas asks.

Pilate pleads his case to a sullen, silent Claudia. If he refused to place Caligula's statue in the Temple as ordered, he would be killed, a new man inserted in his place, and Claudia would be lost. He has no choice! When Claudia accuses him of enjoying it, Pilate's sure she's mad about Joanna's death - merely a reminder that Claudia should stay loyal. "I will not dine with you and watch you gloat," Claudia says. "Maybe you cannot win every battle." Smashing Claudia to the ground, Pilate insists oh yes he can - and will - win. And she will be by his side at dinner as usual.

Cornelius and his family are rejoicing over their recent conversion when a guard enters to summon him back to Jerusalem to escort the statue to the Temple. Cornelius knows he must go, but when Mary asks what he will do, he promises to pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Peter and Mary escort Cornelius to the gates of the city urging him not to go. Nevertheless, he joins his fellow centurions who are readying for war, promising to rejoin the apostles afterwards. Meanwhile, Leah visits Eva to confess that the recent troubles are all her fault. Furious, Eva snaps her blade to the woman's throat, so Leah switches gears, blaming Caiaphas for the betrayal of the Zealots. At the safe house, the apostles debate their next move, now that unity with Caiaphas is off the table. Peter insists now is the time to follow their conscience; if they do nothing to avert the impending bloodshed, they're just like the Romans. Finally, the apostles decide to go to the Temple, determined to help in whatever way they can - except for Simon, who has armed himself and joined Levi's Zealots.

Claudia bumps into Cornelius, who tells her the whole story of his dream and subsequent conversion. It's a beautiful thing, and it could be an escape for both of them. "I think my husband is losing his mind," Claudia says, asking for time to think. Cornelius promises his support for whenever Claudia might need it, then proceeds to meet with Pilate. Jerusalem must be taught a lesson today, Pilate says. And if the crowd impedes his progress, Cornelius is to kill them all.

After months of anticipation, Caligula's statue hits the streets, and it seems like the whole city has turned out to see what will unfold. Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin are dressed in full regalia, waiting in the courtyard, while Levi orders his men to stand by. Finally, Cornelius and Caiaphas stand face-to-face beside Caligula's statue. Cornelius asks Caiaphas to stand aside, but he merely shakes his head no. When Cornelius draws his sword, Peter kneels before him, closes his eyes and begins to pray, then the remaining apostles follow suit. Caiaphas and the Sanhedrin kneel too, and Caiaphas bares his neck, telling Cornelius to do what he must, but there's no way he can kill every man in Jerusalem. Everyone waits tensely, until Levi breaks the silence, giving his archers the order to commence firing upon the Romans. Cornelius stands as the killing unfolds. When the apostles begin reciting the Lord's Prayer, Cornelius bends his knee and joins them. When it's all over, the Romans have killed everyone except for those praying, and the statue of Caligula has been beheaded. Cornelius orders the men to take the statue back to Pilate's palace, which is when Caiaphas is devastated to discover Reuben has been felled during the fight. Covered in blood, Levi rises to spy Eva amongst the dead, then slips away. The apostles take stock of the situation. Per James' prediction, the prophecy didn't come true today; the Temple is saved. When Thomas laments that Jesus did not appear, Barnabas points out that Cornelius kneeled before Peter, a miracle in itself. When Peter admits to baptizing Cornelius, the group is stunned to silence.

Back at the palace, Pilate beholds the head of Caligula, knowing the Roman emperor will just send another statue, then another. When he asks for Claudia's thoughts, she asks, "What do you care?" and true to form, Pilate starts planning his next move, crucifying 40 women, etc. Disgusted, Claudia admits she loathes her husband and can't bear one more moment in his presence.  She's going to go somewhere Pilate can never find her... On her way out, Claudia bumps into Cornelius, who tells her he didn't fight in the battle, and yes, if Pilate finds out, he's dead for sure. Claudia suggests running away together, offering money for protection. But when he mentions his wife and children and tells her to run away for the sake of Jesus - Claudia will be so happy once she's baptized! - she knows she has been a fool. As wife of the Governor of Judea, how can she run away? Just then, Pilate screams for Claudia. "He calls. I must go," she tells Cornelius. Across town, Caiaphas finds Leah, throat cut, lying in a pool of her own blood. Back at the Temple, Peter and James are tending to the wounded when a furious Roman centurion puts his blade to Peter's throat. Peter is to come with him... now.