Allegiance - Season 1 Episode 6 'Liars and Thieves' Recap

From NBC - The O'Connors' plan to use money-man Tolliver to lead them to the Black Dagger gun-for-hire continues to fall apart, as it turns out Tolliver's boss is the one who actually controls the SVR's money.

So the family devises a new scheme in which Tolliver and Natalie break into the boss's office and steal his money ledger, completely unaware that Victor has planted a new bug in their house and knows they've gone rogue. Victor intercepts Natalie and Tolliver as they complete the operation, shoots Tolliver dead and takes Natalie hostage. He plans to kill her for her betrayal until she fills him in on the extent of the SVR's terrorist plot. Victor then decides to join the O'Connors, helping them formulate a plan that involves Alex traveling to Italy while working for both the task force and his family.

Meanwhile, the task force gets a lead on Oleg Zhulov, the SVR agent who told Irina about Black Dagger, and tracks him to a fake-document factory. While taking Zhulov into custody, they end up getting into a shootout, during which Michelle kills Zhulov's accomplice just as she aims her gun at Alex. After searching the accomplice's apartment, the task force uncovers fake documents planted by the O'Connors that indicate Mikhail's stolen files were sold to a third party in Italy. The O'Connors' plan worked...