Recaps & Spoilers

'The House of Black and White' aired on Sunday, and episode 3 'High Sparrow' airs this Sunday. Watch a preview below the episode 2 recap.

From AMC - Late at night, Jimmy and Mike wait for the Philadelphia detectives at the police station.

From A*E - Norma becomes curious when Annika goes missing, especially after Norman lied about not being with her and Emma stating otherwise.

Airdate: April 19 2015

From NBC - The O'Connors' plan to use money-man Tolliver to lead them to the Black Dagger gun-for-hire continues to fall apart, as it turns out Tolliver's boss is the one who actually controls the SVR's money.

From AMC - Inside his makeshift Alexandria church, Gabriel finds a gift basket full of strawberries accompanied by a note: “Father we are so blessed to have you!” Feeling guilty, Gabriel shreds his bible in frustration.

'The Wars to Come' debuted on HBO on Sunday, and the season 5 premier of 'Game of Thrones' didn't disappoint, jam packed with action and drama and laying the groundwork for what looks to be an awesome season.

From CBS - When BCPD’s police dog, Cookie, sniffs out a stash of heroin in a young girl’s backpack, Russ and Milt have competing theories as to where it came from and why she had it. Also, Jacocks travels to Detroit for a training seminar, with the ulterior motive of finding out why Milt was sent to Battle Creek.

From NBC. New York City, 1994. Swinging a purse that's clearly not his, a 14-year-old boy we'll call Jacob rockets out of an upscale restaurant with the maître d' hot on his tail.